Monday, September 11, 2017

Altered Avians

I am excited to officially announce the details for Field Guide to Altered Avians - a mixed media retreat I am holding with Kecia Deveney in Portland, Oregon in April 2018.

This 4-day workshop will be held in the studio of artist Jesse Reno in Portland. We start with the creation of a hand bound Field Guide Book that will be filled up with notes, artwork, collage, sketches and photos - both in the classroom and on our field trips.

We will then be creating sculptural birds using wire, fabric scraps, elements of nature, found objects, and more. All things Avian are possible - nests, eggs, cages, and the like.

Highlights of the retreat include: instruction from both Kecia and myself, the creation of one-of-a-kind art pieces - handmade field guide book, freeform wire sculpture bird and other potential avian objects, two hunting and gathering field guide trips, welcome lunch and bon voyage dinner, built in time to explore Portland, and a private FB community.

Fly to this page to see additional details and to register. And remember: the early bird gets the worm. 


Marit said...

This sounds so exciting Seth! If only I could fly....

Jo Murray said...

That will be a blast ! Can't wait to see the creations.

Cindy said...

Just love the sculptural birds... so whimsical!

A Pink said...

This sounds like one amazing workshop. Can understand your excitement. What a great time will be had by all who are lucky enough to attend .