Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dan Eldon: The Movie

Dan Eldon

His name and his story bring so many feelings to the surface for me. But I think number one is inspiration - a word we all sometimes overuse but is perfectly apt in this case. Have you heard of him? Dan was many things: activist, journalist, photographer, adventurer, artist, journaler. As a young man, in the early 1990s, he covered the ongoing unrest in Africa as a photographer for Reuters and, along with several other journalists, was stoned to death by an angry mob. Dan was 22 years old.

Dan documented his life in a series of journals. He probably didn't know it, but he was creating work that presaged the journaling movement in our mixed media community.

I first saw Dan's work in person at a traveling exhibition that stopped in NYC in 2008. 

In 2013 I included a tribute to Dan in my second book, The Mixed-Media Artist.

In 2014 I had the good fortune to meet Dan's mother Kathy and give her a copy of the book. 

Kathy, along with Dan's sister Amy, have kept Dan's legacy alive through the Creative Visions Foundation and through a website and a series of very popular books. Have a look at the video below as Kathy and I speak about my book and about Dan.

I am excited to say that Dan's story has now been documented in a powerful movie. Until recently, the film has only been seen in limited showings. It is now available to rent/buy on both Amazon and on iTunes. It is a must-see - and somehow seems particular relevant in the current world climate. 

Thank you Dan for continuing to inspire.


Cindy said...

Such a sad story, and such beautiful and inspirational artwork.
Thanks so much for posting this.

femminismo said...

Yes, seth. Thank you!

tgarrett said...

I got the book when it first came out in 1997- It's how I started to journal. Hope to see the movie sometime.

Ricki Treleaven said...

Thank-you for recommending this movie. What a terrible waste of talent on this Earth! I would love to see more of Dan's work. Excellent post!

SuzanneWW said...

Thank you for the post and recommendation. Very moving and meaningful.

donna joy said...

it must have been awesome to see his work in person. I was fascinated by him when the first book came out. He did more living in his short life than many of us will ever do. I look forward to seeing the movie.

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Thanks for the link, Seth. I've just purchased the movie and am looking forward to watching it with my art group.

Sona said...

I read his mother's book, In the Heart of Life a few years ago. Very moving.

Karen said...

I did read about Dan years ago & can't quite remember where. so sad his life was cut so very short. Great that you got to meet his mother. Off to watch the video.

A Pink said...

Thank you for introducing me to Dan Eldon, Seth through this post and your feature about him in your book. Along with Dans personal mission statement I'm left wanting to know more. Looking forward to researching.

UplayOnline said...

Very moving and meaningful.