Monday, September 4, 2017

Art Deck 4

I just can't stop. I continue to make new additions to my Art Deck, 52 small works of art under 6 x 6 inches. All being offered for sale at an accessible price ($35-$55) in my online shop. Today I am sharing 6 new pieces. You can see the all the earlier ones here.

Torn (sold - thank you)

Second Home (sold - thank you)

Epoque (sold - thank you)

 Possible (sold - thank you)

Silence (sold - thank you)

Swatches (sold - thank you)


Shelby Pizzarro said...

Just lovely! I can't stop looking at them. Hope you are enjoying the Holiday :-)

Cecile said...

again beautifull ! I love swatches and possibilities most.

Redanne said...

Oh my, another stunning collection Seth!

Sara Barker said...

Deal me in! I'm torn between torn and silence. Lovely works of art!

Jackie P Neal said...

Wow Seth, when you are on a roll, watch out! there is no stopping you! heehee
Great pieces! Love Torn!
hugs ")

A Pink said...

Another inspiring collection! Seth. So much to admire . @torn' tugged at my heart strings but theres something special about each and every piece both in this collection and all the previous ones .