Monday, March 19, 2018

Art Auction for Cancer


This past January I was invited by the incomparable Dyan Reaveley to participate in the 2018 Ranger Challenge. Every year, one of the signature designers with Ranger Ink sends a selection of their products to a handful of artists to create a project that will be displayed in the Ranger booth at Creativation, the annual trade show for AFCI. How could I say no to DY?

Opening the box was exciting and daunting, as was seeing the contents. The main component for the project was a cardboard, kraft-colored top hat. And lots of Dyan's signature bright paints, washi tapes, embellishments, and the like.

My mission: use her products in my style. My technique: layers and more layers.

So why am I sharing this now? The project was recently returned to me and I had the idea that maybe some of you would consider bidding on it in an auction for charity. Together we can benefit an important cause and you will have a one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-made-again, original piece of art.


So how will this work? Simply contact me via email at with your bid and I will update the bidding total on this post as bids come in (as quickly as I can). The bidding will start at $25.00 but I am hoping to raise substantially more money for a good cause. Bids will be counted in the order in which they are received. Bidding ends on 11:59pm EST Sunday March 25th. The winning bidder can either make their donation directly to the charity via credit card or through me via check or Paypal. You are more than welcome to leave a comment to this post but bids will only be accepted via email.

100% of the proceeds will benefit Cancer Research Institute and their efforts to develop a breakthrough cure to all forms of cancer with immunotherapy. The cause was selected in honor of a friend currently battling the illness.


Auction now closed. Thank you to Patti Euler for her winning bid!


Unknown said...

What a unique piece, and it's a great cause.

Tiff said...

Shared my friend!

Dylan said...

Whoever wins this will have an item to treasure forever. it truly is a wonderful work of art! and Seths not too bad either lol xx

A Pink said...

Now thats a real 'head turner' of a top hat! An incredible piece of creativity . I only wish I was in a position to make a bid! I am so sorry to hear your friend is battling such a cruel illness , Seth. Sending healing energy x