Monday, March 19, 2018

It's An Embossing Powder Party

This past January, Baked Texture - my new line of embossing powders for artists - was released by Emerald Creek. Since then, we are doing our very best to get these powders into you creative hands. And it is looking like March will be the month when we are able to get most, if not all, of the outstanding shipments delivered. Thanks to all of you for your passion, enthusiasm, and (especially) patience for this product.

I have begun to see a huge variety of projects online using Baked Texture and have been loving what you have been baking. I have learned many new techniques and uses for the powders thanks to you.

I have invited 5 artists to share projects they have made using Baked Texture. Anything goes with these posts and there will be videos, tutorials, finished artwork and more. Check back here all week for the updated links to the posts that will be appearing daily from today through Friday, March 23rd.


Mary Beth Shaw: Mary Beth, the creative mastermind behind StencilGirl Products, has created  a video that shares 8 techniques to use embossing powders with stencils. Yes...I said 8! 

Becca Feeken: Hands down, Becca creates the most elegant artwork I have ever seen and her product collections allow you to do the same. She is sharing 3 finished projects and shares her technique for creating "cracked glass" with embossing powders. Hint: it involves a freezer!

Tammy Tutterow: Tammy takes Baked Texture to a place I hadn't even imagined. She uses the "heat, dip, heat, dip, heat" technique to create the most amazing beads to use as flower centers on her handmade flowers. I can see applying this same technique on my found objects for to my mixed pieces.

Debi Adams: Using all 7 flavors of Baked Texture, Debi has created the coolest, mixed media wall hanging ever made. A huge array of techniques were used but my favorite has to be her combination of Chunky Rust and gel medium - half baked! 

Gwen Lafleur: Gwen is a master of all-things-embossing and she has created a texture-lovers delight using all 7 Baked Texture flavors. In the process, she used a ton of techniques - my favorite of which is definitely the High Solid Gel Medium. She even included a video of the process. 

You can see and order all 7 flavors of Baked Texture here.


Redanne said...

Looking forward to seeing what those talented artists create!

MJS said...

I was thrilled to get my embossing powders today and just had to test them out. I am an amateur artist at best, finding my way through various media and learning what I like. However, I can already tell I will love these unique and captivating powders. So far I have only tried the chunky rust and I am already in awe. I keep staring at the texture, loving the way the light brings out the varied hues within and now my mind is wandering; trying to figure out how to use them next. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and vision with us.

Unknown said...

As always, Seth, your post is a delight :)

whyducks said...

I love what Mary Beth did with your powers and look forward excitedly to seeing what the others do with them.

Becky kent said...

I just got any email on these new embossing powders and all I can say is OMG these are awesome! I love the patina and the rust the best and I'm going to order these and can't wait to use them! You have really brought a new twist to embossing powders Seth and thank

A Pink said...

Gonna spend this weekend hopping around and I knwo from what I have seen on social media I'm in for an absolute treat . Thanks for sharing Seth and for 'revolutionising' the world of EP's . x

Jerney Marisha said...

Wow, those embossing powders look really cool! I particularly liked the effect on the metal. I’m hoping my local art shop has them, last time I ordered from outside of Europe I had to pay excessive custom taxes. ;(