Friday, March 28, 2008

Playing Favorites: body art

Gwen Buchanan

"Beginning of the World"
approx. 1 ¼" x 1¾"

This chunky little one of a kind Art pendant is an amalgamation of many small pieces of sterling silver & bits of copper that were accumulating on my work table. I don't like to waste, so I pulled them all together & piled them in a heap and kept rearranging till they felt right, then applied the heat of the torch. I love the vast array of texture it holds & that I ended up wasting nothing. Surfaces & Depths.... Known & Unknown.... It reminded me of the chance happenings that created life a long time ago & the happenstances that continue to come together to create the known as we see the it... To me it felt as if it must have been like that in the "Beginning of the World". Hence its name.

Deryn Mentock

“Old Enough to Fly”

This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry as it was done with my two teenage sons in mind. It’s a bittersweet experience to watch your children grow into young adults and know that they will soon fly from the nest. Every element in this piece was created and added with this in mind, including the tiny vial with twigs from a real cardinal’s nest and the vintage religious medal featuring Jesus as an adolescent teaching in the Temple.

This is the quote which perfectly describes my home at the moment and perfectly describes this piece:

"When the young became old enough to fly, the gravest philosopher would have laughed to watch their maneuvers. Such chirping and twittering! Such diving down from the nest, and flying up again!" from Harper's Fourth Reader, 1863.


Jen Crossley

My man necklace made from a rifle site. This is my most favorite piece. I made it over 3 years ago and I just love it. Something so simple came up so well.

Another Necklace I have just made from a vintage lenses and an old hairclip.I use cold connections that I learnt from an amazing US teacher Robert Danick. Last year he changed the way I make my jewelry forever.


Ro Bruhn

I have two images of my favourite piece of jewellery I made. I came across Susan Lenart Kazmer's web site and I was hooked. This necklace was inspired by Susan's 'Ancient Poetry' piece. I created it using lots of my favourite pieces of broken jewellery, found objects, hand made beads and elements and even a photo of my three grandchildren. It's ever evolving as I can remove and add elements whenever I like.


Lisa Renner

SCRAP CLAY BRACELET: I enjoy playing around with different surface techniques and had some extra "scrap" clay laying around. So I decided to run it through the pasta machine and what came out was a very interesting mix of colors. So instead of covering it up with another clay, I decided to "feature" it on a bracelet. I just pieced-in some other colors of clay and came up with this design. I've been making them now for awhile, and each one is a new experience!

RETRO BRACELET: Following the same over-all design as the Scrap Clay bracelet, I used some canes as the focal point instead of scrap clay.

FAUX-SILVER BRACELET: I made several of these bracelets for gifts for some of my friends. I used polymer clay, paints, powders, texture tools, etc to come up with a surface I liked. Then I cut pieces of the clay in gently flowing shapes, arranging them on the bracelet form.


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful pieces, Seth. It's fascinating to see what these talented artists created as wearable art. I especially like how each piece is so personal and holds special meaning.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! And fun to visit your site each day Seth! You've collected a great variety of art!

Anonymous said...

Oh GREAT. I am now officially chained to my computer, cruising my new bookmarks. People are ready to put out an A.P.B. on their once very social friend. This is YOUR fault, Mr. Apter.

We'll have to discuss this later.


Terry said...

Responding to Lisa: I know what you mean - even my dog is starting to complain about my computer cruising time....
Too many talented people doing so many wonderful things that I don't want to miss seeing!