Monday, March 31, 2008

Playing Favorites: word to the wise

Bridgette Guerzon Mills

"ps" I chose this piece for two reasons, the act of creating it and the meaning behind it. I created "p.s" in an encaustic workshop that I was attending and it was the first time I was trying out doing a transfer onto wax. When I started to rub away the pulp of the paper and saw that yes, indeed my image had transferred onto the wax I was so excited I actually yelped out loud. The second reason has to do with the words that I scratched into the wax and filled with paint. I love the combination of words and imagery. These words were first
written many years ago in a letter to my husband, then friend at the time of the letter. It was an actual p.s. to a letter I had written to him. So, there is a lot of personal signicance to this piece. It is our history captured in a 5x7 painting. Whenever I look at this painting I remember that moment when I wrote the letter and also the excitement in the creation of the painting.

Marie Otero

Nothing dearer to my heart than my sons and sometimes words are all I have to offer them. Please click image to enlarge.


Debbie Overton

These mixed media collages were inspired after receiving a stack of love letters from the 1915’s along with a wonderful collection of photos and a marriage certificate dated October 20, 1915. The letters were written by Dr. John Campbell of South Caroline. He was corresponding with Miss Eula Long of Georgia. In both pieces I wanted to create a story of what might have been.

In "My Beau" the letter was dated July 22, 1915 and tells how disappointed he was that the arrangements they had made to meet did not work out. Dr. Campbell went on to tell Miss Eula how much he cared for her and hoped they could arrange a meeting again soon as he could not stand the thought of not seeing her for any longer.

In "Dreaming of the Future" the letter is dated June 21, 1915 and talks about the plans he is making for them to spend their future together and the arrangements he is making for her to make her Great Escape.

In all the letters he addressed her as My Dear Dear Eula or Dearest One and most were signed Yours Forever, Campbell. Oh how I wish I also had the letters Dr. Campbell received from Miss Eula. He would share his day with her and tell her about a case he was working on. He told her how much he cared and wanted to spend all his time with her. He talked about her writings and the things she had said, but he never really mentioned what she had said. All of this makes it even more romantic……if you read between the lines…..the letters mention their meetings and plans were a secret and he refers to her Great Escape several times. I ask myself….. Why the Secret? Why an Escape? What was the Plan? There are more works of art coming soon revolved around these treasured letters.

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Seth, thank you for including me in this great project. It has been amazing seeing all this talent in one place.