Friday, May 6, 2011

Price Points

New York is a city of extremes in many areas, and the art field is no exception. I recently visited two venues that prove this point. I attended the preview of the Affordable Art Fair, which showcases contemporary art.  Of course 'affordability' is relative but all artwork in this show ranged in price from $100 to $10,000. At the other extreme, I visited the exhibition at Sotheby's for their upcoming Contemporary Art auctions on May 10th and 11th, where the highest estimate for several pieces is $20/30 million. Regardless of price, amazing art was to be found in both locations.  

The Affordable Art Fair

Gabriel Daujotas

Tom Lewis

Deborah Donelson

Jeff Fontaine

Fernando Alday

Many more artists and images, as well as links to the artists' websites and galleries, can be found in my review post on NearSay.


Anselm Kiefer

Jean Dubuffet

Mark Bradford

Joseph Cornell

Jackson Pollock

Gerhard Richter

Jean-Michel Basquait

See more images from Sotheby's in my post on NearSay.


mansuetude said...

beautiful yummy

the bradford seems "quiet" compared to others i have seen.

thank you.

angryparsnip said...

...and all right at your fingertips or eyetips ? How Fabulous !

cheers, parsnip

Dyche Designs said...

Wow great pieces, I especially love the work by Jeff Fontaine and Anselm Kiefer.

Jen Crossley said...

What stunning pieces of art,there are so many talented people out there.

Anonymous said...

Crazy what drives prices, if you'd left off the names/locations the work is similar and equally compelling except maybe Cornell who's a stand out in my opinion.

ArtSnark said...

what fun - thanks for all the eye-candy

laruelapalooza said...

The work by Jeff Fontaine is gorgeous! Such luscious colors and textures. Thank you so much for introducing me to his work!

Marie said...

You've highlighted the best of the best! Cream always rises to the top!

Julee said...

Really enjoyed your review of the Affordable Art Fair on Nearsay - so many beautiful pieces. Thanks!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yes, *affordable* is one of those words that you never quite know what it encompasses! ;-D
I love the Cornell box; a bit different for some of his work that is less regimented, but still intriguing. Be interesting to see what it fetches....
Thanks for the tour of NY art!


Karen Cole said...

I'll take the Anselm Keifer please.

How great is it that you get to see all of these amazing pieces?

What a delicious artful life you lead, Seth.

Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing these great pieces, Seth!

Halo Hill said...

WOW, awesome art, Seth! Sound like fun!


Barbara Kleinhans said...

great selection Seth. I'm very drawn to anything by Kiefer, and I'd never heard of Bradford so thanks for exposing me to another great artist.

Anonymous said...

Great art! Sometimes I wonder what the difference is between a $20 piece and a $20 million piece...maybe their agent!

layers said...

You are so fortunate to live in NYC and to have so many opportunities to view such fabulous art-- I recognized the names in the Sotheby showcase but the other group had exciting pieces as well.