Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Week Links: 11

During my time away in Australia, The Week Links posts will continue...with a twist. Rather than links to posts I discovered in the prior week, each post will have a specific theme. This way, I am able to create and schedule them before I leave. 

Today's theme: Art Tutorials. In the hope of finding tutorials that you might not be familiar with, many of the following are from 2012 and before.

Uncomfortable with drawing faces? Pam Carriker has a step-by-step tutorial on her blog showing how her Face Map stencils can give you a "head" start -- pun intended.

France Papillon shares her "secret" recipe for rusting metal.

Golden Paints has a video that highlights tips for a successful image transfer.

Dina Wakley shares a tutorial on the Somerset Place blog on how to create a very cool and grungy accordion book.

Billie from Billie's Craft Room shares a technique on creating a highly textured, embossed stone surface.

On the Create Mixed Media blog, Amy Jones shows us how to use a burnished metal technique to create a very cool journal cover.

Jill K. Berry shares her technique on how to create Geo Papers -- papers that are painted to simulate geographical imagery.


elle said...

SO great! a big aha! on those geo papers!!!! THANKS! enjoy your get away!!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your links and I love the idea of creating themed links. Have a great day!

Jo Murray said...

Geo Papers ROCK!

Martice Smith said...

Very fun and interesting links, you've found! I like your idea of having themed links. I'm gonna try my hand at geo papers and the recipe for rusting metal. I'll let you know how it goes! Thank you for the inspirational links, Seth! I hope you're having a blast in Australia :D

Stephanie said...

another great round up of inspiration! thanks.

Billie said...

Great links thanks for adding mine to the list.

Best wishes