Friday, April 11, 2008

After the Storm

When the thunder ends and the rain stops falling
When the sea is calm and the birds start calling
The clouds will part like a curtain drawing
Promise of an open door

When the air is clear and the wind stops blowing
The sun reappears and the earth starts glowing
A light so strong as if all knowing
Sense of wonder to explore

In that window, in that time
A clearing of a cluttered mind
A ray of hope, it all takes form
In that moment, after the storm


azirca said...

Stunning image and such beautiful words! Just what I needed to read to give me a little inspiration and hope.

Anonymous said...

Hi Seth,
Gorgeous photo and wonderful pairing with the poem... I was touched by the words and the image... Thank you! xoxo, K.

Anonymous said...


Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Very moving, and uplifting - the beautiful words and image go so well together.


Tricia said...

wonderful combination of words and image!

Angela Wales Rockett said...


Karen said...

Wonderful Seth.
Warm regards

mcdc3s said...

Beautiful image and your words are very comforting.

Gwen Buchanan said...


Joy Logan said...

Oh man playing favorites what a good one! What was I thinking? EGO?

rivergardenstudio said...

How stunning, and your poetry is also very thought provoking. Thank you for this wonderful glimpse into the heart and mind. Roxanne

Roxana said...

clearing of the cluttered mind, yes, that's exactly it.

"late afternoon sun blazes off birch trees and you’re caught by a
clearing where you were born
you know that light like you know breath like you know the
unnamed earth around you
you remember how the mind moved rustling like a small animal in
underbrush skittering among the leaves . . .

you have to forget most things human this is not a place where
anything has happened
you are a man you don’t know how else to say it..."

Patrick Friesen