Thursday, April 17, 2008

Revolution XVII

ingredients: altered paper, acrylic paint, dry transfer, pigment inks, rubber stamp, eyelets, wire. click images to enlarge.


Lisa Hoffman said...

This might be my favorite. Being a huge fan of Open and Closed signs, this little piece quietly makes a powerful statement.
What do you plan to do with all of these pieces or is that a "closed" subject?

Revolve on,
Lisa Hoffman

Val Foster said...

Once again, you've created a beautiful, original, and awesome piece. I agree with Lisa -- this makes a powerful statement, but in a subtle way. And of course, I love the textural aspects of it.

From one texure lover to another. I just wish you'd share how you get such fantastic texture.

bridgette said...

Whenever I click on one of your images to see larger, I am just blown away.