Friday, April 4, 2008

Playing Favorites: digitalize

Marie Otero

One of the first digital compositions that I ever printed in "large format". Inspired by the art of Eadweard Muybridge, this remains one of my most favourite digital creations and was used as the basis for the artwork on my website.


Peggi Meyer Graminski

Nobody's Aunt is one of my favorites. I suppose because the lady looks so forlorn and forgotten she has a special place in my heart. I created this collage around the time I first began incorporating vintage images into my digital work, and as I worked on this particular one I had several "Ah ha!" moments where I learned some new techniques. This is a piece where I would hope the viewer would stop for a moment or two and ponder a bit about the lady in the picture.

She Who Brings the Morning Light is a special one to me, mainly because I have always been a morning person - when the first rays of morning light begin to show we welcome a new day full of endless possibilities. The past has gone, and the future awaits!


Kathy McCreedy

One of my favorites...the cobalt blue digital's done in Photoshop with blue tyvek paper I painted, a photo of a dead birch tree, a bird from a very old Audubon book, a page of that German handwriting from a journal from 1893 (like what I sent to you), and a photo of clouds, all blended together onto one image. It printed just as vibrantly as it looks on the screen... and the print of it I made, is the first piece I sold (to my photography instructor!)... I was so incredibly honored that she wanted to buy it from me!!! I don't think my feet my hit the ground for at least a day or two!

Trudi Sissons

The digital image “Looking Glass Self” was specifically created for “Playing Favorites.” It is intended to reflect my on-going passion to express myself creatively. It is, if you will, an ‘inner self portrait” encompassing the concepts of The Golden Mean (both philosophically and mathematically) and The Looking Glass Self (Charles Horton Cooley), from different periods of my life. In it I am observing both my present moment reality and my childhood innocence of the past. The child embraces art with uncensored passion and unconditional approval for its beauty. The image of the woman looking at the image of herself in the mirror, points to the same child-like adoration but is aware of the many social filters and judgements and how they color her purest imaginings and essence.

Within the image, you will see the two sets of numbers, 2, which represents my desire for a simple unadorned life as an artist along with the Golden Mean equation of 1.6180339887 – a symbol I’ve tied to reflect the journey toward my desired life. They are often hidden within my art. The Isles of Morpharchengigel is my imaginary country – but that’s a story best left for another time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting these images of my work, Seth! And so many amazingly talented artists' to check out... I am humbled and very grateful, and of course, honored to have been included in such a wonderful exhibition!

Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

I have to echo what Kathy said =) ...

I'm glad to have been introduced to the work of such a diverse and talented group of artists. The Pulse has been fascinating, very inspiring, and humbling to me as well. Thank you again for including my artwork here.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

It's so interesting to see artists creating digitally. Wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

what a fascinating world...
the digital studio

xox - eb.