Saturday, April 5, 2008

Playing Favorites: the zoo

Jonna Barnett

Blackbird. I love black birds, crows and ravens. I have several paintings that feature them but this one is my favorite. The gentleman that bought this painting now has several of my paintings and he always makes me feel so good about painting. So whenever look at this photo I think of him.

Tux Dinnertime. This little painting was the first painting I sold to someone other than family or friend. It was my first art show and a friend of one of the other artist's bought two of my little cat paintings. But this one has always been one of my favorites. And it was modeled after one of our cats.


Sarah Whitmire

This piece is closest to my heart. “Lions Pride” (48x36 inches) Another mixed media piece. I have always felt a bond with the spirit of the Lion. The courage, the power and also the strength of character. Something I aspire to be. My lion is cut from a poster of the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. (One of my favorite books as a child, back when I was still innocent) Caspiana (my make believe world and home) or Caspian was inspired from the second book in the series called Prince Caspian and was also my lost beloved dogs name.

There are many layers to this painting as there are many layers to me. If the lions mane is his pride then see what mine holds: Bits of time and hardship. Numbers of people that I have lost. Pictures of family that is gone. Praying children. Lace that belonged to my Mother. A community of women. I enjoyed seeing myself in the bits of broken glass I added as I worked on this piece and I like how the viewer will also see parts of themselves as well. I will never be able to part with this piece as it is a part of me and one of my most authentic pieces to date

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johanna said...

your "playing favorites" is such a great idea!! thanks for linking me to so many wonderful blogs:))