Thursday, April 3, 2008

Playing Favorites: house & home

Gwen Buchanan

The Carved Headboard
Once upon a time back in the '90's I carved this headboard for my bed.... The 2" thick pine planks came from a tree that had grown not far from the house, across the brook up on the hill. They had dried for a year and were straight & true. Now they would be made into a bed....

The planks were glued together on their edges and clamped.... Shaped with a large 5' tall curved section in the center & two shallow curves on either side.... It was for a queen size bed.

When it was dry I drew a design of interwoven vines & flowers on the large center curved section. I used wood carving tools called gouges & an old hunting knife with a curve in the blade to cut out the design. I liked the hunting knife as it kept a keen edge....

It was very time consuming ... but not in a bad way.... rather meditative.... I did have to keep an eye out for the direction that the grain ran.... 'cause if I didn't my gouges would splinter parts of the wood or they would skip across the plane of the lumber & cut where it shouldn't.... When I had it all carved, I smoothed it with sandpaper in grades that finally arrived at the finest.... I rubbed oil into the thirsty wood... it glistened.... I buffed it with a soft cotton cloth... it gleamed...

I was happy.

Then it was done....

It felt so good when I laid in my bed in a half awake state & rubbed my hands across it.... Soothing....
I knew I had done it with my own hands. It made me feel good to know that...

I thought I would sleep in that bed for the rest of my life.... but I never .... things don't always last as long as you hope.... so cherish every moment....

It and the house it stood in only existed for a short time... only the ashes remain.

John Ackerson

Heat Shield
10 ' tall steel - welded, drilled and bolted, heated and bent

Besides painting, I love working with steel. This is a 10' tall heat shield I made to protect the wall directly behind the Jotul wood stove in the living room. Besides being very functional, I wanted it to have a cool degree of interest in its design.

I'll always remember working on this project. I was half way through cutting, and welding outside on a sunny morning when that fateful news came over the radio I was listening to on September 11.

Inge Bekaert

I think my best creations are my children Freek, Aran and Gaia... They
are one of a kind, they never go out of fashion because they keep on
evolving and as a mom it's a challenge to help them create a life of
their own...
My second best creation is my house. It's an old house from 1924 : for
the past fifteen years I have been busy to renovate and decorate it
all by myself. It's full of colors because colors make me happy. All
shades of purple are my favorite, but I also like lemongreen,

I love to look for creative solutions like this mirrorsurrounding: I wanted something special for this focal point so I made a drawing based on paintings I saw in fantasybooks. I painted it right on the wall around my mirror. The color of the walls changed already two times, but this "artpiece" stays for as long as I live in my house, because I never get tired of it.

Jonna Barnett

There goes the neighborhood. I was driving home from work one day listening to Sheryl Crow and one line in the lyrics was 'there goes the neighborhood' and it reminded me of my ex-sister-in-law. When they bought their first house she wanted to paint it in rainbow colors, each door a different color, window frames a different color and each board a different color. It never happened as her husband veto'd the idea but it stuck in my mind. When I got home that night I started on this piece. It is one of my favorites and has been very popular with everyone who sees it.


Anonymous said...

Great work on the headboard that Gwen posted........ bummer of an ending though. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this subject, Seth. That headboard is gorgeous and it's so sad that it was destroyed in the end. And what a creative solution for a heat shield. And that mirror is fun. :)