Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buried Treasure - Revisited

Digging for gold! Again! This post is my contribution to the second round of the Buried Treasure collaboration. Links to each and every participating artist can be found in the previous post on my blog.

It is all about layers. I wanted to Dig Deeper for my second Buried Treasure post. On the surface, my blog highlights my mixed media artwork. But if you look a little further, you will find posts spotlighting my photography, poetry, drawing, travel adventures, and the like. Look just a little bit deeper, and you will find posts about other artists, other blogs, and links I love. It is all about layers.

In my first Buried Treasure post, I focused on my mixed media artwork. In this "re=post" I have captured some of my favorite things from previous posts that focus on everything else! There are links to follow, videos to watch, and images to enlarge. Happy hunting!

Favorite Window:

Favorite Original Poem:

After the Storm

When the thunder ends and the rain stops falling
When the sea is calm and the birds start calling
The clouds will part like a curtain drawing
Promise of an open door

When the air is clear and the wind stops blowing
The sun reappears and the earth starts glowing
A light so strong as if all knowing
Sense of wonder to explore

In that window, in that time
A clearing of a cluttered mind
A ray of hope, it all takes form
In that moment, after the storm

Favorite Photography Series:

Coastal Waters
Shot in Tofino on Vancouver Island

Favorite Reflection: As Night Falls

Favorite Street Art:

Mixed media(!) graffiti from Greece

Favorite Interactive Zen Website: Wildcard

Click your mouse and move. My favorite is mistyline but be sure to try all five

Favorite Drawing:

Drawn in my course with Danny Gregory on the first day of class

Favorite You Tube Video:
Bouncy Balls - all real, no special effects

Favorite Book Project - no binding necessary:

Book Bundles

Favorite Rust:
Details from the 2007 show at MoMA entitled Richard Serra Sculpture: 40 Years.

Thank you all for going on this treasure hunt with me!


femminismo said...

Whoa, this hasn't happened in a long time. I love the rust too. What a lovely bunch of paper to wrap it around. Vancouver pictures! Excellent fog and weather. Lovely. I will join you soon in reposting the second fav post. - Jeanne p.s. Thanks, Seth.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Excellent choices. Great fun!

Annie said...

Another feast.... I particularly like the shots on Vancouver island.

notmassproduced said...

brilliant - loving it all - u must have spent a while digging to come up with so much fabulous treasure.

Lawendula said...

Is that your poem? It's so marvelous, easy to understand (even for me) and yet so deep.
There are so many insights you gave us, thank you for that!

And the bouncing balls are great, will put this on my blog in the evening :)

Kim said...

Mmmm, rust,old paper and book art, drool! Loved the balls the first time it aired here too, love the frog! But the poetry, Seth wonderful! I can visualise the clearing skies, the rays of light appear and the world is golds and greys. Funnily enough I am currently working on a piece that incorporates an original poem. Serendipity! Loved the post in its entirety!

WrightStuff said...

Ah that window - it opens up such possibilities. Makes me feel like I am on holiday in the south of France listening to birdsong and insects humming and sipping a cool glass of wine...

Marit said...

Oh my... I love to look at everything!!! You had some treasures buried Seth! I love the book bundles, and the photo serie is awesome. Thanks for the inspiring many to join this treasure hunting!

E L K said...

i find that most artists have many layers...thanks for highlighting the favs, each so special seth.

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Fabulous post Seth, I hardly know where to begin!
Your poem is so uplifting and beautiful, you are a man of MANY talents!
Tofino! you've been to Tofino! We were so close last August, spent several glorious days in Vancouver (Love that town), but there was not enough time to venture further time!
There is so much wonderful eye candy and more to take in on your post I am headed back for another look!
Thank you again for making the land of blog such a special Rock!!!

MrCachet said...

WOW! Ulterior motives, right? I was sorta close to Vancouver in January - Saltspring Island. Wonderful place. I didn't take any photographs, however. Just soaked it in.

I could probably spend all day on YOUR repost! And yes, I tried all five and went back for seconds. Better than Pong! LOL. Thanks again for your own contribution.

ooglebloops said...

Love revisiting all your buried treasure!! But your posts are an inspirational treasure every day!!!

La Dolce Vita said...

Ok renaissance man, abfab post, great work all the way around and the poem was really good. I loved the shoe!

diane said...

The books!!! The rust!!! The, love your buried treasure Seth! If only I had 25 hours in a day =)

Jill said...

Just love your "everything else!" All you create, make, do and layer is golden. Thanks so much for bringing to the surface one more time these great posts filled with stunning works of yours- my favorite is your beautiful poem with its partnering photos.
I see a great ZINE here - "The Best Of All"!

Kim Mailhot said...

Whoa, you did some digging, Seth ! What marvelous treasures you sahred in round two ! I have to say I got a little side tracked at Wildcard ...I guess I really needed that zen moment (or 5 ;) ). Thanks once again for bringing this all together. It has been such a treat !

Studio Sylvia said...

Amazing photos - particularly like the coastal shots,full of wonder, Seth. That favourite window? What is behind it? What stories one could fabricate. Thank you.

Anonova said...

Oh wow, photos from my own home Island! That was an unexpected grin-inducer. I love the poem and the drawing. The lines of the shoe make me want to follow them with a fingertip.

Nikki Lee Anne Ghilain said...

Awwww Seth....What a fabulous post......I have so enjoyed getting to know you better! The book, photos and that have a very special gift my friend! Thank you for digging deeper for us all.
Working on mine for this evening...."now where is that shovel I need"

Lynn said...

So much here. How not surprised am I to see that you are ALSO a photographter/artist of extrodinaire proportions. WOW!
And a poet!
I will have to return to dig deeper, watch videos, etc. But what a treasure trove to dive into.
Thank you for being so creative and sharing it with the world.
Your mother must be bursting at the seams! ;-)

Karin Bartimole said...

wow, what a great collection of treasures! truly a feast for the eyes and artist soul.
thanks for all the work you've done to put this project together Seth,

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You lead the most colorful and artful life!! You are truly an inspiration to so many of us in blogland, including myself.

The Weaver of Grass said...

It was good to scroll down through all those examples of your work Seth. I might try to find an early textile to post as my second buried treasure - shall do a bit of research later.

Jeb said...

Good stuff!

ArtPropelled said...

Jeb said it all....Good stuff!
The Coastal Waters series is spectacular.

Marie said...

My Goodness! Your buried treasure is such a pleasure to go through.
One of my favorite You Tube's has been the bouncing balls.
Your book bundles are to die for!!!!
My favorite of the post is the gorgeous beach photo with the clouds reflected on the sand. Pure beauty!
I've had so much fun today looking at the BT blog parade!
Thanks so much.

DebbieOverton said...

What an amazing find of buried treasures you have shared with us today! Thank you again for leading us on an unbelievable blog journey!

Mar said...

great picks!!!
that window is just how i like them!
enjoyed all the pieces you placed up!
rust is a favorite of mine too

seems we all like similar things
isn't that some! comparison

3rdEyeMuse said...

grief, Seth ... I'm gonna need a month just to digest all of this! hehe ... I say that like it's a bad thing ... am going to continue some rounds, but will definitely be back to really, really dig into this one. :)

ps - totally get why that would be a favorite window.

Lani Gerity said...

Great treasure! Thanks so much for doing this Seth! What fun!

PCarriker said...

So inspiring as always. I love the pictures, they are amazing. Your poem is lovely and those book stacks are very cool!
I posted my 'Buried Treasures'

Kelly said...

Wow, Seth, you did some digging. And found some gold. Lovely photos, beautiful poem, and fun video. A very inspiring post.

Marilyn Grad said...

Your re-posts are absolutely stunning. I feel like an art glutton on a diet of very rich talent. I can live on that! Thank you for an incredible feast.

Lisa said...

amazing visuals.. what a fantastic journey!

viv said...

such an inspiration seth.. thank you for being YOU.

Jonna said...

Awesome photos and love your favorites. Thanks for sharing

The Weaver of Grass said...

Do you feel like joining in Inspiration Wednesday (see my blog today) Seth?

Gail P said...

Stellar photographs, lovely poem, rust!!! book art!!! and absolutely a winner of a post. Thanks!!!

Lumilyon said...

Phew! Don't know where to begin, it's ALL so great, but the photos will certainly stay in my mind for a long time. Great work Seth x

Don Madden said...

Yes, I DID read your comment on my re-posts. All by myself. You Tofino pictures bring back great memories of when we went to Wickininnish Inn - you captured it perfectly.

sue pieper said...

This is great fun, learning more about you and so many others that I may have missed along the way-thanks for doing round 2 of Buried Treasure! And by the way, the photos of Vancouver are just beautiful, enjoyed all that you offered but kept finding myself going back to those photos.

Patti said...

amazing art, such a gift - it truly is a treasure - I'm going to spend a lot more time watching, enlarging, studying...

sorry to miss out on Buried Treasure 2 - I might go ahead a repost some of my favorites just because!
thanks again!

mansuetude said...

love these photos so much! and the link back to the New Year image; to read all the comments and find even my own words seem old, strangers to me, though i still send them as wishes for you.

great rust link; gotta have it! :)

you're poem is wonderful; u r an inspiration, though that word seems smaller to me than the power of what you do to connect others and open them.

thanks again Seth.

Jo Horswill said...

Hi Seth, well this has to be one of the most wonderful posts I have ever read!!!
Thank you for this journey of wonder and amazement. Beautiful stuff are very giving :)

magpie said...

wonderful to see your many facets - i had not idea...

my buried/2 link seems to be missing...ive gotten some comments and havent had a chance to go exploring as yet (what with th good weather) Is it too late to add?