Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Missing Link(s)

Couldn't resist choosing this title for this post!! I want to thank everybody who made the Buried Treasure online collaboration such a success. I keep hearing that people are still trying to catch up with all the links. I think both the bloggers who posted and the readers who were treated to so many "best of posts" all got to take away something special from this project. So advance notice...come back next year when we will do it all again.

Meanwhile, a number of links were inadvertently left out of the original list. They have since been added but I want to highlight them here so everybody has a chance to see their favorites!

not all those who wander are lost
Marit's Scrapworld
Dog in the Hole Studio
Table by a Window
A New York Magpie's Eye
Altered Attic
Linsart Creations in Clay
Altered Bits


A tired retired recluse @ said...

This was a great experience and I thank you for it Seth. I will be looking forward to the next one!

Bea said...

Thank you Seth for putting this wonderful event on your blog. I had so many wonderful people stop by my blog and leave comments. It just made me smile.
AND, I have just had a wonderful time seeing new blogs and meeting new bloggers. I still have more blogs to visit and now I know I can revisit them, in the future and say hello.

Marit said...

Thanks Seth! I couldn't visit them all (yet) but I had a marvelous time! Got inspired by a lot of new blogs/work and there are a lot of new links in my favorites to re-visit! You did a hell of a job, hope to collaborate with you next year! Count me in!

femminismo said...

Oh, my! Even more of us! I haven't gotten done with the other half yet, but I'm trying. Thanks for this project. It's been fun. Jeanne

Anonymous said...

thank you so much, seth! :)