Sunday, January 7, 2018

Apter's Chapters: Social Media

Social media has become such an integral part of my daily life, I can barely remember not having it. Or what I actually did to fill up the hours in each day that I now spend online. And I do admit, I am online hours every single day. I truly believe that without the Internet, first in the form of this blog & email and now via all my social media platforms, I would never have gotten to where I am today in terms of my art. I am certain I would be creating. But none of you would know me.

For many, social media is a love-hate relationship. Not so for me. I embrace it and think of it as part of my creative process. Yes, I would prefer to be making art. But I never try not to grumble when I have to answer (most) emails and am always usually excited when I look for just the right image to post.

I embrace social media for many reasons but there are two that are primary for me. First, making art can be a lonely venture. When it is shared with all of you though, it becomes a social event. That might not be great for everybody but it works well for me. Second, I feel that my creative process is complete when the art that I make is viewed by others. It is the last step after the signature. Without the Internet, only a bit of my art would ever be seen. And certainly not instantly. I am a patient person but sometimes there is nothing wrong with some immediate gratification and validation. Thumbs up anybody?

2018 is the year of possibility and change for me. So a review and revision in regards to social media is in order. In the middle of last year, I dropped my Periscope account. What was once so now not. Do any of you still use it?

And after many months of deliberation, I deleted my Twitter account on New Year's Eve. Publicly announcing it here will help to ensure that I do not reactivate it in a weak moment. I have come to see Twitter as more of a news feed rather than a social or visual platform. Even with their recent increased word-count allowance, I do not feel that Twitter is a good fit for me. Also, Twitter as a platform has historically been very tolerant of abuse, harassment, and general nastiness. Even if that hasn't been directed toward me, it is not something that I want to support or see popping up in my feed.

So I continue with this blog, Facebook, and Instagram (which is now kind of like Facebook's little brother). I don't think my target audience is on Snapchat, so that is out. While I have avoided Pinterest for fear of never leaving the computer, I think the time may be right to set up my first Board.  And maybe there is the next big thing out there already, waiting to be discovered by me as soon as the kids think it is passé.

Thoughts about this my peeps? Favorite platforms? Hated platforms? What will be the next big thing?


cc said...

You ask, I answer. I read blogs (like yours) via RSS. I spend a lot of time on that and on Facebook, where I follow art stuff and communicate with my friends and family. I don't have much time for Pinterest (I see most of what's on there on blogs anyway), but I still keep that account. I don't spend much time with Tumblr either. Never had interest in Twitter or Reddit or Snapchat or Instagram, possibly because I've already abandoned Flickr. I'm more verbal than visual (by education and profession and habit) and the social media I do use eat up enough of my time. Obviously I'm glad to see you provide content through your blog and Facebook. I'd encourage you to let other people create Pinterest boards of your stuff and use the time you might spend there making art or teaching workshops. I tend to follow more boards from people who aggregate content than businesses promoting their own interest on Pinterest, though I have no idea if I'm typical in that way.

Nikki Acton said...

I am certainly a love hater but appreciate your insightful comments about the art process and social media allowing our often solitary activity to become social. Before I shared actively and began selling my work I often challenged myself on 'the point' of what I was creating. So social media certainly helps satisfy my need for purpose! I agree viewing is an important part of the process, a written book usually needs to reader (''death of the author' Roland Barthes)
I am along similar lines to you... Long term Pinterest user (inspiration, bedtime 'reading' and a little sharing), Facebook (my biggest love hate!) and beginning to use Instagram a little more. I think my biggest frustration with Facebook is the time taken to ensure I am seeing what I would like to see and excessive self promotion by some people who share the same thing in several places... But I guess it is up to me to spend time to remove some content!
Ok that's it from me...for now!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am a blogger only. I have never been on any other social media platform. I've heard so many bad things about Facebook that I don't ever want to be associated with it. I heard this is especially true around election times. I have no idea what Instagram is, but I fear it involves a cell phone with photos. Yes, I have NO cell phone, so that lets me out. I have heard Pinterest is a time killer, but I also heard it was very informative. However, when I was first interested in viewing it, you had to be invited by someone and I never received a notice of approval. Now I'm told anyone can join (not sure if that's true, though).

Once again, I blog. I enjoy the camaraderie, the friendships, the friends I visit each day, and the gratification, but I also enjoy the fact I have a personal record of what I've made, the materials I've used, and now that I have a great camera, the photos to show the outcome. That means I don't need to keep a hand written "diary" of products, tools, process, etc. one needs in order to replicate a loved (or even unloved) piece.

Thanks for this "chapter" and your idea of allowing others to contribute to this conversation.

Living to work - working to live said...

Interesting stuff - both the original piece and the comments. I'm a bit of a social media junkie - primarily Instagram because it can be a wee bit voyeuristic and because it's a great way to get pretty instant feedback on what you do. I was a fan of Facebook but lately it has annoyed me - my feed seems to get cluttered with foreign stuff and lots of utterly tragic animal welfare stuff that I cannot do anything about and makes me feel utterly overwhelmed by how obnoxious the human animal can be. That said I still use it and manage a couple of pages which help promote artists and makers.

Funnily enough I don't think of Pinterest as being social media. For me it's just a fab way of collating ideas and images that might help me develop my work. My latest obsession is clocks and I am determined to make clocks this year ( a wee bit obsessed with passing time and change). I do therefore have a Pinterest account but don't spend much time there.

I have a Twitter account. I link it to Instgram, though the link seems to be currently broken. I won't spend hours fixing it. If I can't the I will probably abandon it.

Blogging - now that is completely different. I love my blog and have recently invested a bit of time and money giving it a facelift ( still work in progress). I love the fact that people read my blog but for me it's as much about a journal as about sharing work. That said, I know it's in the public domain so you won't find any dirty linen there! What I do find though, and Seth you alluded to this, is that it makes me feel less isolated as an artist and creative. It also Spurs me on to make and create. I have a full on day job and it would be very easy just to slump in front of the TV most evenings but then I get guilty about neglecting my blog and have to shake myself out of my slothfulness.

Some of those other platforms people have mentioned I just haven't heard of! Perhaps it's being over here in Blighty, or perhaps it's my age demographic. I don't know but clearly a lot of the social media world has passed me by and that's probably not a bad thing.

So, I think I have my social media under control. And yes, I would never have 'met' you Seth ( or indeed many of my other social media friends) without the internet. On balance, I think it is a wonderful thing. Thank you Tim Berners Lee!

Happy new year one and all and here's to more creative connections in 2018.


Beverley said...

The internet is wondeful for making the world smaller. I have a close friend since 1999, we've shared our art and lives, but we've never met.
Facebook is a grrr outlet. Trying to keep personal life separate is almost impossible, purely because it won't let me Follow/Like from my Page every time. I think artists are quiet and then find they have posts which never appear in my Newsfeed, sigh.
I love Instagram for the instant gratification it brings.... just not got hang of #tagging!
Pinterest is a time machine, visit and it sucks time away. I love it, but use it for research, its a visual encyclopaedia. Don't often add my own things to it.
As mentioned before, I use my blog as a means to record my art journey. Sometimes as a personal challenge, if I've told the world I will... then I must. Have literally handful of readers, but its more me noting for me.
I love my internet friends, may never have met, may be but passing names, regularly seen, but for me important connections, I love the joy from shared passions, that I can feel part of via the ether.

Theresa said...

I love blogs. I don't blog myself, but I do enjoy seeing what other people are working on and some of the details in the process they use. I am a confessed technique junkie. I like to try new things. Left to my own devices that would be a very limited activity, but with blogs around, I can see what's new in products and how people are using them. And I am grateful for that.

Facebook is love/hate. Takes a lot of time and I don't always see the value since I read the blogs.

Twitter I avoid, except it is the only way to contact some of my artist friends - by their choice.

Instagram - another love/hate. I like seeing what people are posting but since I can not afford a smart device and the monthly fees associated with one. I can't post myself. Only view.

I never did like periscope so no loss there from my perspective.

I watch ustreams and you tubes. Usually nice long ones while I am creating - which I do everyday. It is my sanity and part of my pain management. I am fairly physically disabled and a shut in. It takes a lot of effort to get me out of the house, both on my part and the part of the person assisting with the process.

So I am with you. I like social media in selective forms. BTW I love pinterest. I see it as a big reference library that I have created for myself. And usually an easy way to find inspiration. Or I can just look at pictures of Colorado where I used to hike and see the mountains that I love but can no longer travel. thanks as always for sharing.

Judy Wood said...

Social media is life changing! Best way ever to check in on friends!

I can’t wait to try some of your new products!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! See ya on Facebook and Instagram!!!

Sharon Y said...

Interesting subject. Good read this morning as I drink my coffee.

Ah Social Media. I’m primarily on Facebook. I have a personal page and an art page. I love keeping up with family and friends on Facebook. I don’t enjoy the political stuff and the personal causes. I belong to several artsy and craft pages that provide lots of inspiration. I post work on those pages as well as my own. I have a Twitter account which I never use. I started on Instagram last year but haven’t posted much yet. Pinterest is a great resource and I do have several boards I post to. Love that you can collaborate with others by sharing boards as well as private boards. I love blogs, especially those who share not only their art or other focus but something personal about themselves. Getting to know the person behind the art provides a greater connection than just seeing the art.

I have a blog myself but have not been active this past year. Some technical difficulties along with a creative slump have left me without the motivation to post to the blog. I started the blog so that I could share my makes with family and friends. I also used it to link to online challenges. I never got very many followers but am amazed how people all over the world are visiting. My goal is to get back to the blog this year.

Overall I think social media is a great way to connect with like minded people and brings the world a little closer.

Chris Lally said...

Thumbs up, Seth!
Favorite platform: Blog. Have formed great friendships with artists all over the world.
Hated platform: Facebook. Prefer to be in control of what I see, and my friends and family know where to find me.
Pinterest: Not without putting a timer next to the computer.
Instagram: Not interested
Snapchat: Never heard of it

Denise said...

Yes, also love-hate for me. I LOVE blogs. I’ve been an avid blog follower for almost a decade and I love to follow artists and thinkers who truly share their lives and their art—who make me think and learn. Over the last few years many bloggers have shut down their blogs or focused on selling too much, and some people said blogs were dying. I never agreed. I see a resurgence of bloggers re-emerging to share more authentically—to share more and sell less, or at least in a more balanced way—and I think both the blogger and the audience win when that happens. Seth, I love your new direction with your blog!

I have a blog that runs parallel to my community art studio. That is, I write about art and creativity for my audience, which includes but is not limited to people who art with me at the studio. My hope for the new year is to also share more, authentically.

Anyway, I think I dislike Facebook and Instagram, now, mostly because of their algorithms. It’s hard to take seriously when there’s so little control over your audience actually seeing the content—or seeing content of the people you want to see. And frankly, I’m annoyed to spend time “liking” to try to get the right people in my feed, which is the only control lever for the user. With an RSS reader I get to see EVERYONE I want (and no one I don’t.) why can’t we do the same with FB and IG? Sharing on IG is fun, tho, as long as I don’t do it consistently (which I should, but then I resent it). All in all, id rather read blogs.

(Yes, I love Pinterest as a search engine and a file cabinet. It’s not social, though. I have no time or energy for anything else!)

Happy New Year!

Rhonda Sarver said...

I have to admit, it makes me feel like a rockstar when I make a comment on your art and you respond quickly; but I also understand what a time commitment that takes, because I know I'm not the only one commenting on your art. I don't know how you manage it!

I have a twitter account so I can keep up with my daughter, but do little more than click the heart icon when I agree with her. I don't read a lot of blogs because they can be a forum for a mental core dump, and I don't have time for that. I read yours because it is right in the center of my interests right now. I use Facebook because I'm the youth leader at my church, and it's the best way to keep in touch with my teens; and, hey - Words with Friends!

I do try to minimize the time I spend idly scrolling through my FB feed, because that's time I could be in my craft room, making things; but from time to time, visiting the art pages I have joined just sets my creative sparks flying, and then I'm energized to go try new things.

Caterina Giglio said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, just clapping my tiny Italian hands ... I am with you exactly on social media, and once I began my YT channel, I never dreamed I would have so many questions and comments to attend to, and like you, I breathe and just affirm that I have enough time to do it all. I Let go of Twitter during the election when it all got so nasty and like you, I felt it was more of a news platform and art just did not fit in. Snap is just too young, and while I like IG, I am not on there too much, my biggest followings come through FB and Pinterest, and LOL, you will have to limit yourself on Pinterest, it can be quite an addiction.. But you already know that!!! Do you still have your Tumblr account? I deleted mine, a long time ago... Thanks for this Chapter, it was great...

Pat said...

Interesting comments. I love my blog, I don't post as often now because my life has become more restricted but over the years it has brought me much pleasure, I found you Seth(because of our similar blog names as I recall) and a few other people who I actually been able to meet. I am sorry to see the decline in blogging over the last couple of years, a few old favourites have disappeared but I feel there is some knd of resurgance. I have the love/hate thing with Facebook. I love it because I used to be a member of a large musical society and FB enables me to keep up with the busy lives of all the people who I cannot now see on a regular basis and of other firends who are now far away. Pinterest I use as a storage for tutorials and ideas that I may just get around to trying one day.
One of the things I have noticed over the years is that sharing information is not as free as it was.Now it often goes with a cost. I can understand it of course, I just regret it.
As for the rest of the platforms I don't indulge at all, Instagram never has enough information for me, a picture may be worth a thousand words but sometimes just a few can add to the viewing and all the others just baffle me.
Love the new feature,don't know how you manage to fit it all in but keep blogging please.

lynner1950 said...

I deleted my Twitter account several months ago and don't miss it. I do use Pinterest though for ideas and just to save images that appeal to me. Unlike FB, I can decide what I will view when I open my Pinterest pages. I certainly use FB and appreciate it as a communication tool, and it connects me with blogs or groups that I'm interested in.

Mary said...

Hi Seth, I love the ability to connect with others via social media, but I struggle at times to balance time spent online with studio time. Pinterest is a solitary avenue for me...I use it extensively in clarifying sewing and art projects. I have not used Twitter or Instagram and Facebook...well, I am losing my love for Facebook. My feed is a little too political and intense at times...I need more dog videos.

What I LOVE is reading blogs, and writing my blog. I like the time delay, which may help keep blogs more personal and less confrontational.

Happy New Year and see ya in the blogosphere.

Karen said...

I'm not reading everyone's posts. i would like to make art today! I don't have a blog. My choice. I do like Facebook and haven't tried nor will I try other forms. Pinterest is something I set up for myself so I can put pictures of art that I've seen and I would like to remember. Seth's page is huge! That's it!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Seth, I'm going to be honest here. I never wanted to have a blog or Facebook as they take up too much time when I should be making and when I was teaching full time my hours were taken up either teaching or prepping however I was persuaded by a friend who had a craft business at the time I retired, that I should make samples for her and would need a blog. Now I have to say that I have made lots of new friends all be that they on line mostly and I get lots of inspiration and encouragement which is welcoming. Like you I will always return a comment as it seems right to do that when someone has taken the time to do it but I know that sometimes time is a problem. Again due to another company who I design for I now use Facebook too and I have to say I get more comments and followers there than I do on my blog but I will not put anything personal on it and wont get involved with political or some of the personal discussions that some people get involved with. I use Pinterest mostly to store the work I do as it's easy to look back at it than it is with the blog but again I love to see how many people pin the things I post on there too. I love Pinterest but you have to restrict yourself as it can be very addictive, there is just so much to see.
That's enough for me otherwise I would never get anything made, the dogs walked, the housework, the gym, never mind shopping Lol! and I don't mean food shopping! Take care and wishing you a Happy and Creative New Year, Angela x

amy of studio four corners said...

Seth - you are right about social media - what did I do with that time before?!? I've come to love IG for both the interaction and the ability to show my work to the right audience. I never did Twitter and I really don't do much on Facebook. I know that I have left my blog hanging...and in fact have really gotten out of the habit of reading blogs - though of course, yours is the exception! Wondering too what the next big thing will be...
Interesting that you mention Pinterest...early on, I was on there quite a bit but really not for the last year or so...I just revisited yesterday, looking for an image...and reminded myself that maybe I need to jump back in there...
Hoping that you are a great creative year ahead...always wonderful to hear what you are up to!

Gwen Lafleur said...

Great topic Seth, and it's been interesting to read the comments so far - quite a varied response! Since I work in tech, I'm quite literally online all day long (and usually in my studio at night,) and I'm lucky to be able to pop in frequently. Of course, I'm also... shall we say... one of the more "seasoned" and "experienced" employees at my company, so it's good to get into a discussion about social platforms and apps that I've heard of and actually use. lol. (I mean, Snapchat... what IS it? I've never understood the purpose.)

For me, social media is definitely a part of my creative process - I also need the sharing aspect in order to feel like I'm done. (And double thumbs up on instant gratification!) In addition, it's important for me to have that ability to connect with like minds; I'm quite isolated where I live - there aren't stores, classes, or events here where I can meet people who share my interests, so Facebook in particular has been a key to filling that gap and I've built some great relationships that way.

I do have a very difficult time with a lot of the negativity that can and does happen on FB, and I also have a limited amount of time to spend on social, so I just accepted that I can't see and engage with everyone and made some changes to focus my feed (and work around those annoying algorithms that try and tell me who I want to hear from! lol.) I unfollow as needed, and I've designated the people and pages I most want to interact with as favorites so I see them first. Very frequently, I'll just go straight to profiles and pages and skip the feed altogether. I do really try and make an effort to reply to people who comment on my posts - if you make the effort, the least I can do is comment back! (IG is hard, though. I HATE typing on my phone! lol.)

Twitter is a platform I could never get. When it first launched, I was totally baffled trying to understand why so many people felt the need to post what they were eating for breakfast and all those other details. It started to make sense as a business tool, but although I tried to use it a few times, it always felt awkward to me and I just stopped. Now that I know you can delete your profile completely, I'll be following suit! The negativity there lately makes it something I really don't want to be involved with, especially since I don't even use it.

Pinterest... I've been using that pretty much since it launched, initially to collect all of the recipes I had been bookmarking, but that rapidly expanded. I'd agree with those who don't really see it as a social platform - you share and technically you can comment, but actual interaction is rare. They've also added so much advertising that slogging through it to see pins I care about can be onerous. Over the last few years, I've primarily been using it for research and I love the private boards as a way to collect ideas for specific projects and classes without advertising what I'm working on (and you can do collaborative boards - both public and private, which might interest you!)It's a really great resource, but I think it's helpful to decide ahead of time what you want to get out of it and how you want to use it and then plan to work within that so that it doesn't become a time suck.

As for the next big thing? You may be onto something with the comeback of blogs and longer format posting. I think there is an appetite to engage at a deeper level, and I've always felt that it's important to share - like you're doing here. I enjoy putting many of my techniques and ideas out there - that's part of what helps me to feel like I'm contributing, and short-form social doesn't leave much space for that. I'm hoping that what's old is going to be new again.

Thanks for a great discussion Seth... looking forward to seeing how the conversation continues!

Two Graces, 105 Barela Lane, Taos NM 87571 said...

I agree about Twitter. Instagram just keeps you in the stream, but I have not had results for marketing with it. Pinterest is an enigma as Google Image Search uses it, and you will see more posts of images from Pinterest than any other format out there, blog images show up as long as you label them properly and as we know FB does not show up in Google Search engine except for your named account. Social media (FB) works best for me during the slow winter months, this year I began pushing items for sale at the end of August, worried that we'd be in for a tough winter this season, which has held true with a lack of snow here in Taos. People are cancelling hotel/lodging reservations like the place were on fire. So it is quiet. Time to paint and make art again during the winter, which has fewer distractions. One thing I learned, No 'One Up man-ship' on FB that is to say, Hey, I sold this today. THAT pisses people off, with the attitude of how come they bought that and not mine. Egads, bad repercussions, Only your tried and true best friends will be happy for you the rest will find fault and call you stuck up arrogant and shoot arrows of hatred and jealousy toward you, Jeesh. BUT if you are making art and post about it and your process people are happy that you are creative, and if something is for sale and someone messages you that they want to buy it all the better. It's a CONSTANT learning curve. I can't wait to see you again in Taos, I hope we can have dinner together while you're here.

Helen said...

Hi, Seth. I love social media too, though hate some of the rubbish on there. I do still have my twitter account but don't use it as much as I used to. I use FB but don't like the way it tells me what I want in my timeline rather than letting me see the posts I want to... I love my blog(s) (one for my crafting, one for my other passion, photography) and still read a lot of others too. It is sad that so many people seem to be veering away from blogs towards places like Instagram though, although if I had an Instagram account I might blog even less that I did in 2017. My only NY resolution is to blog more... have already made a start. I also agree that I don't know what I did with my time before social media filled it up! Looking forward to the next Apter Chapter!

Sylvie Roussel Gaucherand said...

Dear Seth,
Yes "dear", because without you, without your advice and your works, I could not give myself the right to immerse myself in the media mix. Yes, for sure, it is thanks to this vector of communication "internet" that I could from my house, located near Paris, regularly follow your advice. I think it's by Youtube by typing "mix media" that I first discovered your videos (and although my English is not very good, I subscribed to, then I registered as follower on your blog then I "like" your facebook page If one day you need a relay in France, I'll be there.I will do everything I can to help you (but have you need to organize your workshops or facilitate the distribution of your products Oh, I'm not sure if I'm the right person for all that, but you can be sure that I will invest in helping you In any case, thank you, a basket full of kisses deposited tonight on the doorstep Thank you Seth, and stay in touch mmeme if it's over the Internet Sylvie

Nicole Wright Designs said...

I feel like I am in the same place with SM. It is a necessary evil to all we do and an extension of our art. I love SM for what it can offer. I have made "friends" all over the world and shared what I love to create. Something I could never have done without it. I am able to design with the products I love, teach and connect. Be inspired and share inspiration. All because of SM.

With that said there is a dark side to SM where there is negativity, judgment and cruelty. I keep seeing my friends fall victim to this. We open ourselves up when we share and this is part of the journey I guess. Overall I love SM and being inspired by the boundless creativity! I love IG and if I could just do that I would. Funny, I was looking at my Periscope last week thinking... what happened to that! OH RIGHT... FB Live happened. Keep it light, positive and creative. You're right... time to delete some accounts. Oh and Pinterest is the best! It's my creative filing cabinet.

Christina said...

Social Media! Well. How to balance the 'love/hate'. Love being able to interact with like minded people around the world, learn new techniques, view beautiful creativity in a range of forms. However, too easy to spend too much time looking and not creating. I use FB a lot, but have moved more to Instagram for creative feed. Twitter, well, I think you are quite correct about that not being a suitable creative and visual platform. There are continual changes within all these platforms as well. Miss you on Periscope (loved those 'scopes!), but now Facebook Live is available. Although I enjoy the online interactions, I do wonder if we engage at a cost to 'real life' interactions. Great post and look forward to reading others comments.

Squiddy said...

I guess it depends on how much time you have (I work fulltime plus), and how you apportion the rest of the available time. Facebook is getting less "helpful" but it does link me to new blog posts when the blogger shares a link, and if other "friends" share a link, that has introduced me to more artists. And YouTube clips - but I read faster than I listen, so anything over 10 minutes has me seriously questioning whether I have enough lifespan left to squander on a video! Pinterest is too time consuming chasing link after link to get to the original post only to find it doesn't often tell me what else I wanted to know about it. I don't bother with data in my cellphone, so that helps cut down the amount of time I am tempted to be online. As for being at the expense of physical interactions - I've been with siblings and their kids the last 2 days. When we weren't out on the water, it was x-box, ipads, phones - just as well I brought a book to read!

Chris Kurman said...

I like Facebook and use as a way to keep in touch with people who otherwise might skip away. I am a member of SEVERAL artistic groups wherever post and share information. This venue allows me to post projects, see other projects, and look for just pure enjoyment. Yes, would I prefer face to face conversation over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, would I prefer to be hands on in a class....of course!
But distance and time are often the I depend on Facebook!

Katharine Fletcher said...

I primarily use Facebook and find it indispensable for my art work as well as my writing (I'm a writer by profession). Re my art? It's a great way to get instant feedback and as you mentioned, Seth, validation. Creating (either writing or art) is done in private, mostly, so responses/support are vital to me. Also, I find social media -- FB in fact -- a great way to stay in touch, also, with my family -- and Family of Friends -- who live all over the world.

Twitter? I rarely bother with it unless for work. As a travel writer, when I'm travelling I may send tweets to recommend or otherwise highlight a destination/event etc. But I simply don't use it regularly, at all.

Instagram? Again, hardly ever.
Pinterest? Never.

E-mail and Internet? Constant usage. As a journalist and writer, I research stories, contacts, etc on the internet and often use e-mail for interviews: establishing them, even doing e-mail interviews via Q&As.

I enjoy Facebook, e-mail and internet and cannot imagine life without them.

Like you, Seth, I am eager to discover "the next indispensable 'must'" in SM. It keeps my mind active/alive in a way that being amid Nature doesn't, which is good for the brain (um... I hope!)

In all honesty, I feel overwhelmingly busy with my farm (organic hobby farm), my writing/guiding/editing work, my creative artwork, and stuff I do "for me" such as yoga, meditation etc. I want to connect with Nature, not hang out in front of the Internet.

Thanks, Seth -- oh, and drop us a line when you find out what the next "big SM platform" is, will you?!!! I promise I'll share whatever I think is a "must" with you & your blog readers, too!

Brenda Brown said...

Thanks for this post Seth, this is such an interesting topic to explore for a moment and your reader comments also are very interesting. I have blogged for around 8 years and like many people it is my record of what I make and was set up that way, hence all the step out posts. It has made me many friends, lots of whom I have met in real life, yourself included. I never expected it to last this long but I am as keen as ever to keep it going and enjoy the comments I receive but know as well I have many ‘silent’ readers too. I set up a twitter account many years ago, tried it for a few weeks but got fed up with the chatter and have since completely left it alone, similarly with my Instagram account. I also left FB alone for many years and although I now enjoy the keeping in touch aspect of it I get so frustrated with not being able to come back to a post I’d seen because FBs algorithms change everything up all the time and makes decisions about what I should and shouldn’t see. I like to have more control over that, so I have taken a huge step back from it again but I have to log on regularly because so many of my design team groups use it. I love Pinterest and there was a time I was on it daily, I have well over 300 boards and still collect wonderful images for inspiration and links to posts that have taught me new things, but then I’m a visual kinaesthetic learner so it suits my learning and working style. So overall I love and indulge myself in various aspects of social media but I don’t want it to take over my life, I still need to be at my desk creating and making as well as teaching and attending real life workshops and networking as that’s what I love best. Thanks for the opportunity to explore this further. Happy New Year to you, have a great one. Hugs xxx

jen starr said...

Great post Seth! I have a lot of the same thoughts. I’ve never gotten in to Twitter, though I have a very neglected account. I have a blog but I use it mainly for the technical aspects of my work...teaching schedule, sales, occasional announcements, etc. My love is Facebook because like you, I find art can be a very lonely and solitary activity as is working mainly from Home. I love seeing the photos of the people I comment with on Facebook so I can actually put a face to the name (being a visual person, I am embarrassingly terrible with names! ). I have never been completely comfortable with just seeing an email address or random user name on blog comments. I also love of course keeping up with family and friends around the world and seeing their daily posts, pictures and especially videos. I use Facebook the most for work/advertising as well. Instagram is my happy place for inspiration and eye candy. Aside from immediate family and good friends, I only follow artists and love just scrolling through their art. I don’t use it much for advertising’s just a happy place. Oh but then there is Pinterest....omg. Well I joined under protest because I too heard it was just a time suck and boring pin up board. I joined when my son requested a unique and yummy kind of meatloaf for his birthday dinner...I don’t cook. In fact, there is nothing I hate more...but did you know that you can easily spend 8 HOURS looking at JUST meatloaf recipies on Pinterest and still not see them all?!?!? So yes, Pinterest has become the one I have a love/hate relationship with. I really have no idea how to use it correctly lol. Mainly I just look for fun stuff that I will never do anything with but I love it!

pamelascolors said...

Hi Seth, I don't use my blogger account much, and I have to be honest this is the first time I've read through your blog post. I follow you on FB. I'm a visual artist, so I love seeing what you create and read smaller snippets. I did start Instagram last year and realized the learning curve for posting the correct size images, #, and promoting. I am also starting with Pinterest for business...promoted a post, How To...although it got a good percentage of clicks to my website, no signup for the class that was being promoted.
I have mainly, in the past, used Pintrest for resources, research, and inspiration. I deleted promoted posts...and now I am one of those There are several articles about using Pinterest to promote your business. They do say, up to 5 post per day, yup per day. There are several programs that can be used to help with auto posting; Pinterest doesn't offer that.
I think doing collaborative boards of influencers, it's called, will help to get their fellowers and your followers to intermingle on each other's boards. You can sell on Pinterest, by having your pin link to your product/store.
I look forward to following you on Pinterest. It is honorable that you downsized your social media footprint, but I fear Pinterest may be more time consuming.

craftimamma said...

Hi Seth and happy 2018 to you. I still love my blog although it became sadly neglected last year and I hope to rectify that to some extent in 2018. I started it principally as a record/diary of things I create and how I did them. Through it I 'met' some wonderful friends because the nature of my blog content inevitably draws like minded people.
Facebook is most definitely a love/hate relationship because of its determination to show more of what I don't want to see than what I do on my timeline. I also dislike the way a lot of people use it to post political 'rants' as opposed to political information and have now taken to 'unfollowing' people (even some friends) who do this on a regular basis. I am seriously considering doing the same with those who post 'copy and paste' items and play the guilt card to make you do the same. It's a shame because it also means I miss out on their beautiful art and how they are generally. Having said that it's a great way to keep up with friends and family you can't see often and it has also brought me some wonderful friendships fir which I am very thankful.
Instagram as others have said, is great for a quick share of snippets of your life be it response to your creations or amusing/interesting fleeting moments that occur in a normally humdrum day. I can't get into the hash tag thing though!
Twitter I nolonger use as a personal interaction tool really. I have changed it to a place I go to pick up on links to world news and the dreaded necessary politics but I rarely interact myself.
The final one for myself is Pinterest. I love it! It's an encyclopedia of information and inspiration for any topic you can think of, mine being principally crafts/art. I love it when my favourite artists have their own boards I can follow that then link back to in depth information about a particular piece or tecknique. I don't spend as much time on there as I used to but if Hubby is watching sport on TV I can lose myself in Pinterest guilt free ��. I was shocked the other day to see how many followers I have collected so I must be saving pins that appeal to lots of other crafters and thereby promoting other people's work. For me, it is a great way to locate a lost 'mojo' when I am struggling to get started on a project. Mostly all it takes is 5 minutes on Pinterest and I get a lightbulb moment.
All the above are more than enough for me and I will not be seeking out any other social media platforms but I am grateful I was born in time to embrace this era and the lovely people who now enrich my life because of it.
Wow, I know I can waffle on but this comment is a bit excessive even for me, lol! Thanks for a brilliant post Seth and I can't wait to follow you on Pinterest. Hugs for the New Year Lesley Xx

Cecile said...

Hi Seth,
great First Chapter !

I love to blog. At first I had a blog about my life in a small village far from family and friends. Then I started a second blog to show my art works. Due to a nasty circumstance I closed my first blog, afraid to be harmed again by telling about my private life. I think I have my art blog for about 3 years now, maybe longer. I did hope that through my blog I could sell some work, alas, it did not work that way.
It seems my blog is followed by a few hundred people, but I regret there are very few responses ( comments and or likes). But I am happy with every one I got and I respond to all.

I do have a personal facebookpage, but I do less and less on facebook. I hate that I can not see my list of friends in alphabetical order. When I go to Facebook it is primarely to play a game. And I use it lightly to keep in touch with my sister and her husband who live abroad.( We can message that we want to Skype,, I always forget to turn on Skype);)

I enjoy Pinterest, have about a hundred boards, one dedicated to the "Arth of Seth Apter" , some dedicated to some other artists and a few boards with tutorials. And one board to show my own work and one to show the apparel based upon my works.
It does not help to sell my work either.
And one board about cropcircles, sacred geometry and strange things - like ufo's.

Since Pinterest is getting better and better in giving you a sign about which boards or pins you may be interested in, Pinterest becomes more and more a source of inspiration for me, esp to try out new techniques.

Lynda Shoup said...

Seth, I really appreciate this conversation. It is making me think about where I want to be putting my effort.

I really owe the internet for pushing me creatively and widening my connections and horizons.

I found mixed media via Pinterest. It was very different from the type of art I was doing and it drew me in. So I started a board for it. Eventually after seeing enough of it I discovered Rae Missigman's videos of art journal pages in 15 minutes. I figured I had that much time. And so I began. I really owe my creative direction to Pinterest for opening that door for me.

Facebook I liked initially but went off of as I felt that I wasn't getting my value for my time. My artist connections have made it much more approachable for me and I am starting to enjoy it again.

Instagram is my favorite. I love the interaction and the community. Like Gwen, I do not enjoy typing on my phone as I have stubby fingers, so my feedback tends to be shorter.

I do hope that blogs come round again as I am also looking for the kind of more in-depth interaction blogs make possible.

As for twitter, in the past, I have used it and liked it. It can be really good in an emergency situation - what roads are closed, where to avoid, etc. Still, I haven't used it meaningfully in years and am very tempted to delete it. It's simply taking up space on my screen.

Thanks for this post, I will now be thinking more intentionally about what I spend time with.

Tristan Robin said...

Well, I, for one, will miss your Twitter updates!
My blog is almost like my 'extended' Pinterest page. It isn't a diary - it is filled with things that I find that interest me and I can go into in more depth and information that just a photo on a board on Pinterest...which I also do LOL.
I am mostly active on Facebook - it seems to allow me to say what I want and post what I want without a plethora of restrictions.
I have Instagram, but frankly, using it from my iphone seems to be beyond my old man mindset. It takes me twenty minutes to post one picture LOL - so I don't post often. I do check my feed to see others' photos, however.
I only use Twitter for political news for the most part ... and have a few artsy contacts on there, who are always nice to see in my feed. But, mostly, it's a way for me to stay on top of what is going on in the world around me.
In short, I have and use them all - and waste far too much time online when I could be in the studio making stuff!

Renee said...

What a great conversation! For me I do adore Pinterest. I kept folders in the past with pages ripped from magazines, handwritten notes about things I found interesting, etc. It was such a pain to find things and some pages couldn't be ripped out. Then I found Pinterest. I keep track of wonderful ideas there. If they're no longer relevant I can delete them.

FB is another way I follow my favorite artists. The pop up ads are starting to annoy me, I get tired of blocking them. Ditto for IG. Twitter account is there only because companies I do artwork for usually require this. I do at least check on most of my social media accts on a daily basis.

Thanks for the interesting conversation starter here, I did read every comment and reflect on them. I'm looking forward to following you on Pinterest.

Cec said...

Seth, this is a great topic for your first Chapter - and very timely. I am wading into social media slowly and seeing what is happening in various platforms, I am glad I am approaching it with care and caution. I suspect if I was still a bean counter in the working world, I might use it differently - or not.

I have a Facebook presence but only post my creations and to stay connected to some of the wonderful creative people I have met literally and figuratively from around the world. Anything personal I want to share is done privately. I also have a few creative Facebook groups that I follow.

I check out Pinterest and have a few boards of my own but Pinterest is so addictive that I don't spend a ton of time on it and try to use it as a resource. If I have spare time, I want to be reading. I finally made an Instagram account so I might start to put more into that but it requires a discipline that I don't seem to have now that I am retired - and maybe that can be a good thing.

There was never any desire to have a Twitter account and now that I see how it is being used and the negativity that comes from many on it, you won't find me on Twitter. It is one platform that should be put in the circular file marked "G".

I like having my blog to share the details of what I have created although it is a lot of work but I notice people aren't coming to blogs as much as they did in the past, mostly because of the other platforms grabbing their interest and their time.

My biggest criticism of social media (and I am including email in this comment) is that they provide a place for people to do and say things they probably would not do and say in person and that scares me for the generations coming up behind me who don't know anything but social media - a statement without tone of voice or eye contact doesn't always come across with the correct intent. The art of conversation is diminished and when people do talk, it is often couched with opinions gleaned from social media, which may or may not be accurate.

Thanks Seth for using your blog to provide a place for conversation. It is like getting a two-for when it combined with the opportunity to see your wonderful creations.

Donna said...

I,too, have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I hate how much time it takes away from creating art but I love the connections I have made with artists and family around the world, literally. I have a Pinterest account for inspiration but no other social media accounts because of the aforementioned time consumption. I take a class with you once, maybe twice a year, as well as with other artist-teachers and love to use Facebook to keep up with everyone in between face-to-face interaction. I like to share my art with others and enjoy and benefit from the feedback but I also get so much inspiration from others. And now, back to the studio....

Mischelle Smith said...

Well, unlike many of you,I'm very new to computers and the internet. I live in a town not that far from Death Valley CA. I didn't have an access or need for my computer other than Photoshop or graphic programs. Hooking up to the net was just too much, money and time involved in getting a signal for it.

This last year, the net came to me! i was able to get the internet at a good cost and no trouble. I have been involved in mixed media for years, it was lonely and I was by myself.

Through the web, this is no longer true. I would have never been exposed to so many creative people or see new ideas without it. I hope to keep my time on line at a minimal yet get the most I can.

thanks, and nice meeting you!

Nan said...

Seth I agree with you about Twitter! I never did sign up for that! Not on Instagram, either, but may have to bite the bullet on that one--too many folks I admire are on there to ignore it much longer. And while I have a Pinterest account, I rarely go to it. Facebook is one I try to keep up with, though. Social Media is certainly a time sink, though!

Vickie ~ Mademoiselle*Rose said...

I don't think of myself as a social media person, really. I'm very private and I hate the way the world has gone since social media started, except in the art/craft world, that's been fantastic. I had a Facebook account, but I cancelled it at Christmas because I decided I didn't need it in my life. Even though I only use it for art I felt like every time I went on people would know and start wanting to talk to me, it felt majorly intrusive, plus I hate the way it was used in the elections and that they didn't take much responsibility for what happened, too much power in one place. I've never been on Twitter. I look at blogs, You Tube and Instagram, but only my art stuff, not anything else. And I love Pinterest as sometimes when I kind of know what I want to do, I sometimes can't quite get there and I find looking at Pinterest inspires me, sometimes just to see a technique someone has used it gives me new avenues for inspiration. I don't spend as much time there looking at the feed though as the ads have become incredibly intrusive, but I used it to pin my stuff so I can find it later. I also use Bloglovin to keep up with blogs. So if people put all their stuff on Facebook I'm not going to see it.

I had a bit of a meltdown on Saturday when I saw some particular pieces of news come out and cried, and when I talked to my sister about it the next day I broke down and distressed her, so I've decided that this year, cold turkey, I'll look at headlines here and there, but I've banned myself from reading about it. I've found the last year to be incredibly difficult and distressing and seeing as I can't do anything to change it, I am distressing myself for no good reason, so no Facebook, no newspapers and only Pinterest, Instagram and You Tube and only art and craft places. That's me!

Becca Feeken said...

Seth, having read this and your facebook post I almost want to say "me too". For the longest time I shunned Facebook because I would always glimpse some negativity that would affect me. I've learned this year, (and it is my word for 2018) that you have to 'cultivate' what you seek. I've decided to take only the best parts of Social Media and use them for my inspiration, in the further cultivation of friends, and as a way to belong with likeminded creatives. I'll have to leave the rest and not be tempted to look on or participate. Like you, if that means setting one aside because something has changed, I'll do it. It's an awful tempting pot of honey - all of it. Best approached with reason and in doses rather than overdoses. I applaud all your choices :-)

Chris V said...

An interesting there and discussion based on your blog post Seth. Since I do SM for myself and for Artistic Artifacts, I find the topic timely. Working hard to convert reach for the shop to organic rather than paid so it requires full attention rather than random use. Currently using FB and IG for both and working on Pinterest for AA. Listened to a good podcast on Pinterest as SM rather than solely inspiration which is how I viewed it in the past. I find IG provides the visual inspiration that Pinterest once did for me. FB has become more cumbersome for business pages as they do not come up in automatic feeds as they did a few years ago. I often find I have to search for business pages that I was to review, comment and cross share (i,e, The Altered Page). Being primarily visual, I find I have intention of reading blog posts but then do no more than look at the pictures and move on.
Thanks for starting the conversation...

Maura said...

Great food for thought, Seth! It just may be time to let Twitter go for me too, I do not get much from it, and it is the last thing I check. My fave is Instagram. I think because I can respond to people immediately and it doesn't keep notifying me of everyone else who does too, like Facebook which is getting cumbersome. I need FB as some design teams use this platform, and if I could only figure out how to control my notifications better, I would be happy. I do maintain my blog, but I think I catch more people on IG than the blog. I am always happy when someone stops by and leaves a comment! Pinterest I do, and collect ideas and post my own, but I feel more like a collector than a doer on Pinterest. Like you've said, part of my daily schedule is on the computer, working on photos, blog posts, sharing my art, commenting, etc. Some days I feel like I don't get to do my art as much as my computer stuff, so then have to carve out time to play.
Thanks for starting the conversation, it's a good one to think about in the new year! Maura

Art Joy of Sharing with Peg and Shel said...

Hi Seth, I agree in so many ways with what you are saying. I too am thinking about dropping the birdie for much the same reasons. I only use it now to find events I may otherwise miss. Instagram is overwhelming too but I can seek out the content I wish to see using hashtags. It also helps keep me accountable with posting and trying to keep daily art habits. FB is a challenge. I have my favorites but with so much content, I do have to limit where I spend my time. I am spending more time with group messaging than reading page feeds now. My current love, as you already know about me, is the social hangout. So much better than all the other stuff. I am still zooming with friends from all over the world that I would have otherwise never met. I can share more on Facebook than with blogging even though I enjoy a good blog post. I am also not in love with Google plus, Yahoo and Flicker. I never did Snap chat and am done with Periscope. I use Pinterest as more of a resource and storage area. These days I am seeing more YouTube vlogging and I think it may be a valid way to share with my tribe. Thanks for reminding me to evaluate the merit of the content that takes so much of our time. Change is constant and I struggle to make it meaningful in my life. Thanks for your thoughts.

Dee Spillane said...

Hi Seth, I love this post and the comments. Recently I have found myself pulling away or limiting my time on all platforms. I got a bit too political and sad. So for me I have made some great friends through Stencil Girl Club and FB. I often find that FB posts too many suggestions and adds but I just delete and choose not to follow. Editing is Important. Instagram seems to be going even more support. I have noticed many people I used to see on FB are now there. I am not a daily viewer but love when I do get on.
I have used twitter once or twice and never went back. I guess I should delete it. I never really felt the value. Now Instagram is a platform I do get lost in. I love it for inspiration and things I want to save. It has really inspired me. Especially in areas I never thought I would like.
I have a blog but don’t use it much which is sad. I need to make more time for it.
FB is my favorite. As others say it is love hate. One thing I love is following my favorite artists. Thanks for putting yourself out there with such a beautiful blog and FB. Dee

Indira said...

Great post. I have been blogging (blogger) for about eight years. I am fairly consistent with my posts, an average of 50 posts a year. I got on FB fairly early with a personal account and added a business page a little later. I post on my business page several times a week (only art and photography). I started using IG about two years ago and post on it almost every day which gets shared on my FB business page. I have a Pinterest account but not much activity there anymore. Never had Twitter. I do not feel social media takes up time away from making art. I never watch television and I make up for that by being on the internet regularly.

My biggest frustration with all social media is that I have not been able to grow followers in ant significant way. I have not found the magic formula to get thousands of people excited about knowing me or my work :|. (I get FB and IG endlessly asking me to do paid promotions. I get very annoyed.) But I maintain my presence on all social media, mainly because sometimes I do get unexpected interest from unusual source or sales. There are artists who announce about new items in their shop and within minutes they happily announce that they are sold out. I can only dream about such scenarios! But, like you, I do like putting my stuff out for people to see. I feel happy when people respond positively to my work.

Indira said...

I forgot to mention that blogging is my most favorite platform, mainly because I can bring traffic to it without some other entity doing it with algorithm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Seth, my main social media apps are Instagram and Twitter. I like Instagram as it is more visual and focused than FB for me - just one thing at a time gives me more time to contemplate what was posted. I follow you on Instagram. If I'm searching for some specific topic, I often go to Pinterest and just use the save feature to stash items in case I ever want to see info again like a recipe. About all I use Twitter for is to retweet from like minded people whose political positions I support and want to see trend. It's a minimalist way to use group influence, maybe? I read blogs if they are limited to one screen. As I am on my computer all day for work, limiting exposure to screen time is needed thus my one screen rule. Wherever you end up in a social media sense, I will look for you as I love your work and products. Hope to take an in-person workshop from you some day. Please come to Nor Cal.

Toni Newman said...

Hey Seth... There is no doubt that content is king when it comes to marketing in today's world. And marketing takes time. And sometimes money! That was the biggest adjustment that I needed to make in my head for my business. I wasn't spending time on social media. I was spending time on online marketing. In fact, I think that for those of us in business, the simple change of framing it in our heads as online marketing instead of social media sharing - is an important one. Now, of course, that all depends what we are doing on social media. Are we being strategic with how, what, when and where we post -which you definitely are. Which is one of the reasons that you spend so much time choosing the perfect image to post and I can spend hours finding just the right image for a blog post that hopefully will draw the attention of my perfect followers on LinkedIn. Another big shift for me was hiring someone to help with my online marketing- which was an investment but allowed me to provide the content but not worry about the where, when, what and how as much. It was a great investment. As for the platforms, you are so right and those choices are key. I have actually looked for you on Pinterest and would follow your boards in a second, as I'm sure so many of us would. We live in a visual world. Instead of sound bites we are looking for sight bites. (My husband Ger gets total credit for that one.) We want to drink in beauty, joy and inspiration with our eyes and you and your work are all of that and more. So not only do I think that you being on Pinterest could be great for your business and help drive traffic to your shop, I think it would be a gift for our hearts!

donna joy said...

I too, have twitter, but never use it. (might as well delete) Not on FB much. tired of meme's, ad's, etc... Originally got on there to stay in touch with out of town family but even they aren't on it much. Started my blog for that and art but since i rarely post there, debating letting that go too. Not a fan of snapchat. Now IG~there is my addiction. Instant dose of art. Pinterest, just go for it. Inspiring and addicting but the "new" will wear off :) so worth the time if it inspires an idea. I often think how great it is to live in a time that we have so much access to others' art. The connection with like-minded people that you would not know otherwise. Thanks for this dialog-it's interesing reading what others have to say.

Unknown said...

In an ever changing digital world, the pressure to keep up or the fear of missing out (FOMO) runs rampant throughout our culture. I have certainly been sucked into the vortex, however, I'm intentionally reassessing the value of social media for myself personally. Instagram continues to mostly be a source of creative inspiration and I enjoy the visual representation as a whole as a peek into someone's life. On the flip side, many of these social media platforms can also be a source of self-comparison and judgment. The truth is these platforms offer us a sliver into one another's lives, it's not the end all, be all. I think we have to remember that and enjoy it when we do, but put it down when we don't. 2018 will include a weekly digital sabbatical for myself!

Mary said...

I personally use Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube for inspiration purposes. I've had a FB account for many years, but as of late it has lost it's shine for me. I've never been interested in Twitter and the Tweet thing, b/c of too much nastinesss. I must be old school, b/c i still adhere to, "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing". IMO, Pinterest would be a great advantage to you and your art, but that's a personal decision, one that needs to be measured out according to your needs. Art is an escape for me and a creative outlet, so I go looking for anything to spark my creativity and imagination. Twitter and its platform has become froth with insults and put-downs....who has time for that?! I have no problem leaving my computer off a few days a week. (but not at the moment b/c I'm eagerly awaiting notification as to when the Vintage Beeswax Embossing Powder order comes in, lol.) Respect has become a lost art for far too many, which is another reason why more people need to pick up a paint brush.