Saturday, January 6, 2018

Faux Encaustic Video Tutorial

My new Vintage Beeswax Baked Texture, one of seven embossing powders for artists in my new collection from Emerald Creek, is a unique formulation of powders that allow you to add a vintage flair to your artwork.

And because of it's translucent properties, you can use it to create a faux encaustic look.

The technique to create this look is simple and does not require the equipment, ventilation or expense of actually encaustics.

Check out the full video tutorial below and get more details on the whole line of Baked Texture here.



Sharon Y said...

Yes, yes, yes! Love this faux encaustic. Thanks for the demo. Must have product for 2018.

Theresa said...

I like the look of it and that you don't need a heated pan of was to do it!! thanks as always for sharing.

Tristan Robin said...

Love the finished look - can't wait to start playing, so get those orders out! LOL LOL

Seriously, it looks great, hope they're a huge success for you.

Unknown said...

My mind is reeling just thinking of everything I can do with these! This is a must have and I can’t wait for it to be available.

A Pink said...

Thanks for sharing a great demo, Seth . This Vintage Beeswax used as a faux encaustic is a real game changer. Looks like the meltpot has found itself a place in the very back of the cupboard .
Roll on delivery - looking forward to playing .

Jackie PN said...

Everyone is ready to play!!You have a real hit with your new powders Seth!! Yay!!
Jackie xx

Gina Pisello said...

Seth, thanks for the video. I can't wait to get this and the other embossing powders I ordered and try them out. I think this one might be my favorite, though! Can't wait to see what you do next.

whyducks said...

Lovely, so much easier than using proper wax.