Friday, January 19, 2018

NEW PaperArtsy Acrylic Paint

The palette grows. I am so happy to announce the release of my newest custom colors of paint from PaperArtsy. This paint is Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic and is among the 100+ colors in the line. It has a matte finish, dries lightening fast, and - perhaps best of all - will not destroy any pen/marker you use to mark it up. The paints in the line range in opacity, from translucent to semi-opaque to opaque.

Today's release includes 2 all new sets of 4 unique paint colors each. Coming up with the names was (almost) as fun as coming up with the colors. These colors are available now in my online shop. You can see the announcement on the PaperArtsy blog here.

The Four Seasons

Venice Blue (opaque): the space between purple and blue

Glacier Ice (opaque): a soft, pale blue with a hint of purple

Spanish Mulberry (opaque): a pinky plum (or is that a plumy pink?)

Steel Grey (opaque): a cool shade of grey that works well with the blues

Blue Lagoon (semi-opaque): a deep, tropical blue-green

Butter (opaque): a light, soft yellow with a crisp finish

Magic Moss (opaque): a cool and bright grassy green. mix with blues for turquoise

Double Denim (opaque): the color of your favorite pair of jeans

These new colors fit right in the pocket with my 2 sets from last year.

Buff (opaque): an off white neutral, perfect for paint mixing

Midnight (opaque): the darkest of blues with a green tone added

Terracotta (translucent): a translucent, rusty orange

Mahogany (semi-opaque): a cool, dark red-brown

Smoked Paprika (translucent): a warm, translucent, spicy orange

Green Patina (semi-opaque): the color of aged copper

Key Lime (semi-opaque): a light yellow with lime green tones

Mud Splat (opaque): a cool brown. no more need to worry about making mud when you paint 


I have also created a new paint bundle using 5 paints from my first two releases to create the perfect set for rust and patina effects: Mud Splat, Terracotta, Mahogany, Smoked Paprika, and Green Patina.

All my paints are available now from my online shop.


Debi Adams said...

So happy for you! Hope to see them all up close soon!

craftytrog said...

Thrilled to already have your new Summer set. All the new colours look wonderful Seth! Plenty of blues to keep me happy. :-)

A Pink said...

Fabulous additions to your ever increasing palette, Seth. Some have just slipped into my basket this morn , ya know like they do , lol.

have a fantastic weekend at Creativation.

Mary C. Nasser said...

Congratulations, Seth! And thank you for creating these for us to use. Looking forward to adding your Summer set to my collection! Really happy for you!

Jackie PN said...

Stop it Seth! I'm gonna have to get a job to keep up with you! heehee
Love love love these new colors!
Congratulations on all of your new lines~I wish you great success ,my friend!
hugs,Jackie xx

sarascloset said...

This gives me an excuse to try out these PA paints I have somehow managed to resist for so long.

Nan said...

Wonderful colors, Seth! Love these paints for making backgrounds!

Psps214 said...

Good morning Seth,

I was just introduced to the paints this weekend at Ephemera in Paducah (Kristin says hi1). Anyway, I'm looking for an up to date color chart. Do you know where I can find one? I'm looking forward to meeting you in April at Valley Stamp and Scrap.