Saturday, January 27, 2018

Creativation 2018 Videos

Creativation 2018, the annual trade show for the Association for Creative Industries, ended this past week. It was an exciting show for me, with multiple product releases, workshops, booth demos, and social networking.

For the majority of you who did not attend, this post brings a bit of the show to you. What follows are videos sharing both technique demos and product reviews. Thanks to all the videographers (e.g., people with iPhones) for capturing these. 

For those of you who are waiting to receive your orders of Baked Texture, you might want to bookmark this page and the videos are filled with step-by-step instructions on many techniques. 

PaperArtsy Monoprinting Technique from Scrapcosy

Emerald Creek Baked Texture Demo from Keren Tamir

Emerald Creek Baked Texture Review from Kens Kreations

PaperArtsy Mixed Media Demo from Lolly Palooza

Emerald Creek Baked Texture Demo from Holy Lise

Emerald Creek Baked Texture from Facebook Live

PaperArtsy New Product Release Booth Walk Through

Emerald Creek Baked Texture Review from Holy Lise

Deep Sea Baked Texture stenciling from Alice Boll and Scrapbook Wonderland


Unknown said...

wow such a big lot of nice tutorial video's. It will take some time to watch them all.But what I allready saw was great. Thank you Seth :)

Pat said...

"Creator VIP" indeed.

A Pink said...

Awesome Post! Seth. Loved watching the demos and seeing 'Seth, THE ARTIST at work!' So inspiring . Thank you so much for sharing x

Heather said...

Wow! What a glorious collection of resources - thank you, Seth!

Karen Hall said...

Seth, lovely to “see”you.
Loved the videos, made me want to rush down to the studio, very inspiring.

Redanne said...

I loved taking your classes at Creativation, watching you demo and coming home to find my Baked Texture EP had arrived, what could be better!

Patricia Lintner said...

These videos are a wonderful resource for our EP's to come. Thank you Seth!

Amber K said...

So excited about the baked textures products! It's so different!