Sunday, August 12, 2018


Remember 8-tracks? Cassettes? The Walkman? Floppy Disks? Beepers and Pagers? All so exciting in their time. All pretty much extinct. And now...the DVD.

I created my first workshop with North Light in 2012 and the format was DVD. Since then, I have recorded a total of 8 workshops and over that time, the most popular format first became downloading followed now by streaming. Hmmm....sounds a lot like the music industry. My hunch is that at some point, future workshop releases on actual DVDs will simply not happen.

Most of my DVDs have run through their printing and will not be re-released on DVD. I only have a few copies left of 3 of my recent DVDs. So for those of you say don't fix what ain't broke, now is the time. 

(now sold out. thank you)

(1 copy remains)

(2 copies remain)

I also have 1 copy left of Top 10 Doodle, Drawing & Mark Making Techniques - a compilation DVD in which I have one segment.
(now sold out. thank you)

All of my workshops are available as downloads or streaming video here.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Good grief. I'm so old school, I still play VCR tapes. When did this technology get so out of hand (grin)?

Angeline said...

I'm a diehard.

I just bought CDs yesterday. I miss unwrapping vinyl and relishing the liner notes.

I love the control of watching when I want, on my TV, with just a few pushes of buttons.

I bought a DVD/CD reader for my new laptop.

When I play a video from DVD, I'm not reliant on wifi, data plans, or if I have enough memory space. It just PLAYS and I enjoy. It's also more fun than renting a streaming movie and costs about the same as streaming a movie.

I have downloadable copies of videos about art techniques. I'd rather watch the DVD as then the contents are not traceable!!!!!

I will continue to buy DVDs until gone. As for CDs, well, these sadly are difficult to find offline...and I miss the big music store experience.