Friday, August 24, 2018

Link Love: August


So many links. So little time. Once a month I am going to share links to articles, artists, websites, social media feeds, artwork, events, books, etc. that I have come across and connected with. Click on through and prepare to be inspired.

The Story of a Thing

Do you ever work for free? Or for product? 

Art Brushes 101

Agnes Martin
On how to be an artist

There's no right way
How art careers happen

Must see movie - now on Netflix

Must-see, hilarious, head-there-now Instagram Feed
The before and after series is genius
259K followers cannot be wrong 

How many of these do you have?

(photo credit - when listed - found in original link)


A Pink said...

You got me interested , Seth . Look forward to clicking around later when I have a more to time to really enjoy . Thanks for sourcing and sharing x

Unknown said...

Thanks Seth for a great set of links, really helpful.

Unknown said...

Great to see back your tips for links:)

Heather K Tracy said...

Thank you for your fascinating newsletters, Seth! xox

Poetryqn said...

Seth, I look forward to ALL your emails, but I particularly LOVE your links! The most generous of teachers, you constantly stimulate my curiosity and creativity. Thanks once again for a stimulating bunch of links to explore! <3

Grace said...

Thanks for the links. I'm enjoying all of them especially the movie: Faces, Places. I doubt I would have found it on my own so thank you so much for sharing. I love how much you love to collaborate with all of us.

donna joy said...

great links!