Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lost & Found

If you have been visiting my blog for awhile, you might remember my search for Anonymous from this post. It all started when I had posted about my tendency to hold on to rather then use some of my favorite art supplies. In response I received the following anonymous comment:

"I also have tons of stuff(marvelous stuff) I CAN NOT bring myself to use-papers, OLD pictures and especially embellishments(things I've bought that I swore I'd use in my altered art-yea right!). My home burned down 12-20-07 so I'm in the midst of rebuilding my stashes-can you recommend places I can get old papers like you received in your "jackpot"? I am so envious of those of you that have such extensive collections of MUST KEEPS! I'm not truly envious-jealous would be the appropriate word, but God is good I'm rebuilding my MUST HAVES AND KEEPS!"

I was really taken by this person's plight, losing her home and right before the holidays too boot! In my post, I suggested that our community get together to help Anonymous rebuild her stash of vintage papers by asking for volunteers to send me one or two sheets each that I would send to Anonymous in one package. Over 30 people offered but...Anonymous never responded to the post and I had no way to reach her.

Well, four months since that post and almost one year after the fire, I heard from Anonymous, who now I know to be Lori! She left another comment and this is what she said about my Faux Dough post:

"Seth-I LOVE them. Do you EVER have inspiration(writer's)block? Doubt it. I've wrote in before as "anonymous"-on 7/30/08-you wrote back asking for "anonymous" to write back, but something came up in my family, and I wasn't able to even go online for a few weeks. I was the person congratulating you on winning some beautiful papers and told you my home had burned down and was starting over-COMPLETELY. You wrote in your article you'd like to try to get some people to send something in(I'm paraphrasing)because you couldn't imagine something like that happening to you. Ring any bells? Anyway I'm gonna try to do the faux dough-I do have some washers! Keep sending out the coolest inspiration!!!"

Unfortunately Lori did not leave a return email address but I am hoping she is back online and will read this and email me. How great would it be for her to receive a new stash of vintage paper for the upcoming holiday season one year after the fire. So, one more time. If you are interested in participating and sending me a few pages to add to Lori's new stash, either leave a comment or email me...but please include your email address. Do not send any papers yet until I am sure that I can get Lori's information.

And Lori...let's give this one more try...please email me your contact info!!!!



I am in--Now, I could send her an Uhaul truck full!!

When I won that paper from you--some of it that you sent me was white with raised oval shapes on it. Could you please tell me where you got that??

Thank you!! I hope you are having a great holiday season!

sf said...

I'm in! Keep me posted. . .

Judy said...

I am in.
Maybe we should all do a blog post.
Seth's looking for Lori??? and link to this post. What do you think?

Gillian McMurray said...

Yes, Lori, if you're reading this do get in touch with Seth if you fancy some extra papers. There are a few of us more than happy to add a little to your paper stash if you're willing to accept them :o) Needless to say, Seth, I'm still in.

~*~Patty S said...

I still think it's a wonderful opportunity to share some of my bounty.....lots of 'stuff' here :)

Anonymous said...

Seth - you are so wonderful! - love your page backgrounds below - how big are they? - and LOVED LOVED LOVED your bonfire piece!!!

xox - eb.

donna joy said...

I would love to help too~can't imagine losing all my belongings not to mention art supplies~

lynne h said...

yes! i like judy's idea! 'seth looking for lori' posts all over the place!!

still in!

Maj said...

Yes, Lori, get in contact with Seth, I am in as before!

Shelly said...

I'll send some. Just shoot me a message when the time comes. What a great idea. Such a kind heart, Seth.

BrendaLea, the Prpldy said...

I'd love to help....would some vintage newspapers with the coolest ads work? I have a ton of them from 1930's-1950's.

Lori...please contact Seth...we would love to help you and give you this wonderful gift!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that you received all of these wonderfully generous comments in reference to finding me! God Bless all of ya'll. This is truly a dream come true. Other than finding out 3 days after turning 40 that I was having another child(that's 22.5 YEARS after I had my 1 and only child)-THIS is the best thing to happen to me. My son, Ethan, has said since the fire that 'when he gets older he's going to buy me all the crafting things that I want from here to infinity.' Ahh! How sweet. I just can not express the gratitude I feel in just reading these comments.

Thank you SO MUCH,