Monday, December 8, 2008

News of the Day

Headline from today's paper. As you know, I have been seeking the elusive "anonymous" since July. Read all about it here and here. Thanks to this post on Lynne Hoppe's blog, I now have Lori's contact information and have been in touch with her. And trust me, if anybody deserves a special holiday this year, it is Lori! If you have previously contacted me about contributing, you should have already received an email with details. If you would like to contribute to Lori by sending in a few sheets of vintage paper or other art materials, leave a comment or email me. Be sure to include your email address. And thanks to everybody who has joined me on this search. And extra thanks to Lynne who not only was a big part of finding Lori but gifted me with this award too.

Thank so much Lynne! I cannot imagine that there is anybody who has not yet visited her amazing blog (really one of the best out there) but if you haven't been there yet, go now!


There are more and more mixed media art books being published these days. One of the books that has great buzz and I am looking forward to getting myself is Susan Tuttle's Exhibition 36: Mixed-Media Demonstrations + Explorations She is also having a giveaway on her blog where you can sign up to be entered into a drawing to receive a free copy of her book.


Class this past week with Danny Gregory was different than the other classes in that there was no drawing, although he encourages us to draw anything we want at anytime during class. And in fact, at any point you glance around, you can usually see a bunch of people drawing Danny himself or other students.

In this class, we spent a lot of time talking, introducing ourselves, and discussing our connection to art. Interestingly, there was a lot of discussion of the impact of both negative and positive experiences in childhood upon feelings of making art as an adult. You know, when your teacher told you in 4th grade that coloring the sky green and red was "wrong" and that sort of thing. We also got a short lesson in techniques to draw proportion and position more accurately, a lesson I desperately needed. We also learned what goes in Danny's travel kit for drawing.

At the end of the class, Danny handed out about a dozen of his journals for us to look through. I was knocked out! Let me tell you...while his pages are beautiful when seen in books and on the web, they are even more incredible and inspiring in person.


Anonymous said...


I have so much stuff here I can barely move. And I'd be happy to send. This grrl will have the stash from hell very soon with your project.

lklight said...

Thanks for this link Seth, love her blog!

Lynn Cohen said...

What a heart warming story! I hope Lori gets her stash/got it already maybe and it makes a lovely holiday for her after such a horrendous loss!
What a wonderful thing you've done.
You sure are persistent and good about tracking people down...that lost film story being the other I know about!

Danny Gregory must be a hoot to learn from! So glad you are having this experience.

Catherine said...

Love *happy endings* Seth - please send me the address for Lori...lots o' stuff to send her.

lynne h said...

seth, you are clever -- a newspaper headline! you never cease to surpise and impress me. : )

this last class of danny's sounds like it was very informative and helpful. and boy wouldn't i love to gaze at his journals in person...

Jacky said...

Hi Seth,

I am sure I have plenty to share around, so please send me Lori's address and I will get a little package on its way.

Judy said...

Yaah, found!
Love the article in the newspaper too. Please refresh my address list with the correct address where to post.

Chris said...

Okay, I'm actually Lori. Send me all the stuff.

Don't you LOVE all the collage-y paper-love-y books that are being published? They offered me a book deal, but I said, look--don't I do enough? I'm only one woman!

rivergardenstudio said...

Hi Seth, your class sounds better and better. I have to say that I love it when one of my students paints the sky any color but blue! Congratulations on your beautiful award! Roxanne

Anonymous said...

What? got to look through Danny's original sketchbooks??!!
(queue Napoleon Dynamite Voice):