Saturday, December 27, 2014

Artful Resolutions

Twenty-four creatives, including myself, share their artful resolutions on Somerset Place - the blog from Stampington & Company. It is fascinating to read the varied thoughts of so many artists in response to the following questions:

What is your creative/artful resolution for 2015?

What do you do to stay inspired - will you be looking for new sources of inspiration in 2015?

How do you, as an artist/photographer/writer set challenging but attainable goals?

Click here for the blog post highlighting some of the answers and click here to see each and every response. And feel free to add your own responses to these questions in the comment section.


Maureen said...

I received for Christmas a book about how 50 artists deal with their creative blocks.

Jo Murray said...

You really do insist that I glue myself to the computer Seth. All fascinating reading.

Jo Murray said...

THANK YOU. I could watch Rick Stevens construct paintings all day.....and Kathy Miller's collages (and other works) are to die for.

Kay Wallace said...

Off to check out all the detail, Seth. Thank you for referring me.

Jackie PN said...

I'm a bit behind in my blog neighborhood!
That was a great article in Stampington and I really enjoyed reading others thoughts- gave a neat glimpse into other artists thinking!! Glad you were along on the journey! ")

Stampington and Company said...

Seth, it was so wonderful working with you!Thank you for sharing your artful resolutions. They are truly inspirational. I definitely think we can all do with visiting more galleries and becoming more involved in local and global artistic communities.