Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Week Links: 28

Join me every Sunday when I share some of my favorite links I discovered in the previous week.
All previous links can be found here.

And here is Week 28...

If you are looking for inspiration, just a reminder that my Art Blog Directory has over 550 links to creative blogs.

I can never get enough of Roxanne Coble's (AKA by bun) journal pages.

Slow blogging. First in a new series about blog trends from Holly Becker at decor8.

Colorful Chaos: love the drips & splatters at Miami Art Week via Cool Hunting.

All Art Friday -- wonderful weekly post about finds in the world of art from Maureen Doallas.

You have got to see these portrait paintbrushes from Rebecca Szeto on I Need A Guide.

I am loving all the visual and creative inspiration I am finding from In Detail from stylist and art director Hans Blomquist.

The 100+ pieces of art, all 5"x5", are still available for viewing and purchasing both at The Empty Spaces Project in Putnam, CT and online.


elle said...

550 links! need more time. But- if I slow blog, maybe. lol Luv those raindrops and those paint brushes and, and, and. Its always a happy Sunday, Seth.

Maureen said...

You're a sweetheart to give me a call-out, Seth. Thank you so much. Here's to a wonderful new year of art and more art!

Kay Wallace said...

Absolutely loved the Miami Art Week, Seth, but not unsurprisingly, your "directory" was my fave! I found blogs that are my daily "go to's," I found names that I have forgotten about (which I will now revisit), and I found brand new ones to me (which I will also check out). So, thanks for the walk-about today!

by BUN said...

thank-you for the link love Seth!!

Jo Murray said...

Your link list is AWESOME...and so is the Miami Art Project site. I could be on this computer for the rest of my life.

Annie said...

Seth, Thank you for these links every week. xoxo

Carin Winkelman said...

That art blog list of yours could be slightly dangerous. Now I want to check them all out (well except the one that's mine, I already know about that one). 549 blogs, oh my!
By the way, thanks for your weekly links, I really like these posts that lead to even more interesting posts.