Monday, December 29, 2014

Top 14 of 2014

At the end of 2013, I decided to look back over the previous year's blog posts and see which were the most popular based on hits. I did so both as a way of creating a better blog based on the review and out of pure curiosity. If you want to look back, click here to go to my top 13 posts from 2013.

In this post, I am counting down my top 14 blog posts from 2014 based on hits. Not surprisingly, many of the top posts were connected to giveaways, online collaborative events, and even a little art. Drum roll please...







Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Good JOB!
Have a happy and healthy NEW YEAR, Seth = )

Jo Murray said...

A brilliant collection Setho.....only to be expected.

elle said...

A review is always a good way to start a new year. May yours continue to move your art and blog forward. btw, Seth, where is part 2 of the book post? :)

Jackie PN said...

Truly a grand review of hightlights! Only a few I missed- but not next year!!

Robert said...

Loved taking a look back at your posts that were fan favorites in 2014, Seth. Several that I missed the first time around are causing me to resolve to 'stop by' on a more regular basis in the new year! Cheers!

Carol said...

A great review from a wonderful year, Seth! I look forward to your next year of treasures. Have a wonderful New Year with lots of art, love, peace and good health! xxx

Unknown said...

dear Seth,
a happy new year to you :)
Am looking forward to your second part about making an artist book.
And ofcourse to the sunday-links.
Your link to my blog did generate a lot of visits:) Thank you.

Kay Wallace said...

Since I was not a follower of your all year, Seth, I have missed some of these. As I become less busy (my goal for 2015), I will play a bit of "catch up" on your blog and enjoy the ones I have missed. My very best to you and yours during the coming year. Thanks so much for inspiring and encouraging me both in class and online! Mwah!