Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Australia 2016: Post 2

About one month ago I returned home from an adventure in Australia. I am fortunate to be part of the Art is You family, with which I spent one month traveling and teaching Down Under. Wanted it share this experience with you all. You can find post #1 here.

Before leaving Perth and heading to Sydney, our second roadshow retreat stop, we headed to Cohunu Koala Park in Byford, Western Australia for some quality time with some local residents...

Of course there were koala bears.

But there were tons of other animals as well.

And bonus - it was feeding time.

After were returned to Sydney, we had a bit of time to relax and explore before the retreat started.

Kecia and I happened upon Wendy's Secret Garden in Lavender Bay and, before we even knew what this place was all about, had a short interaction with Wendy herself. This magical place has a wonderful back story and is a must visit if ever in Sydney.

From the garden there was a wonderful view of Sydney Harbour, the Harbour Bridge and Luna Park.

I was gobsmacked by the Moreton Bay Fig trees...

and the fascinating vegetation in the Garden... well as all the hidden vignettes there as well.

Of course at some point, the retreat in Sydney began and now the play moved inside.

The coolest family ever was created in one of Kecia Deveney's classes.

And Linda Lucas showed her peeps how to use my Spellbinders dies to create a shabby chic look.

Couldn't resist a photo op

Seth, Kecia, John, Andrea and Michael

And just as quick it started, the packing began again for our next stop on the roadshow

Bonus points if you can find Michael deMeng.

Next: hanging out on the Sunshine Coast 


Kathyk said...

Looks like a fab trip, I see him! playing bellhop!


Jo Murray said...

Ooooooo...all that luggage. Brett Whiteley was, and remains, an iconic Australia artist who died far too young. It's always wonderful to hear of Wendy and her amazing garden, and her very positive outlook.

Sharon Y said...

Always fun to visit with the locals! That garden is just amazing. And the art is as fabulous and varied as the instructors. I do spy a face in that middle luggage cart, Hehehehe.

Bill said...

I swear that tree is giving you a false pretense of safety and when you return, it's going to suck you in!

Robin said...

What a beautiful and FUN post!!! Thank you for sharing all the sights of the beautiful part of the world you got to visit. It's almost hard to say "worked" because nothing looked like work. I love the family the one student made and the other shabby chic cards with your stains are beautiful! I did find your friend hiding behind the middle baggage cart, well his head was there, hoping the body was attached. Thanks again for a wonderful share!