Thursday, September 8, 2016

Australia 2016: Post 3

About one month ago I returned home from an adventure in Australia. I am fortunate to be part of the Art is You family, with which I spent one month traveling and teaching Down Under. Wanted to share this experience with you all. Here is post #1 and post #2. And now, post #3...

After we completed our retreat in Sydney, it was back in the air to fly to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast - which is every bit as beautiful as it sounds. After our arrival, on the way to Noosa, we stopped at Mary Cairncross Park for a walk through the rainforest. The flora and fauna was stunning and very cool.

Our home for the week was on the water and had the most gorgeous view.

The next day, our day off, we took a pontoon boat trip, complete with barbecue on the beach. Lisa Hayes from Lulu Art joined us for the day.

And yes...the water was actually this color (no filter happening here)

The attendees at the retreat in Noosa were creative, enthusiastic and a ton of fun.

And, as you can tell from these pics, they were also talented too.

The end of the week in Noosa meant that our adventure together was about to come to a close.

We have truly become a family and can all look back on our time together with very fond...  

and sometimes quirky memories. After all...what happens in Oz, stays in Oz. Well at least until this blog post.

Happily, John Creighton Peterson, Linda Lucas and I had a few extra days to stay together with Sallianne McClelland as we drove together in the van (filled with luggage) from Noosa back to Sydney. We took a selfie at every stop and here are just a few!

Thank you Sallianne and Art is You for doing what you do...and for doing it so well.



Excited to be returning to Australia in July 2017 to teach A Library of Memories - a very special, 5-day retreat as part of Fibre Arts Australia in Ballarat, Victoria. Registration is open. And stay tuned, as some other events are also being planned.


Sisterhood of the Muse said...

FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing :-)

Helen said...

what great pics!

elle said...

What a fantastic experience!!!

SueM said...

Such fun pics Seth of a memorable time in our lovely country! And I'm still over the moon at meeting you and being able to do two days of your workshops!

Jo Murray said...

I really enjoyed your workshop Setho, despite not being in my best form. You set me off on an interesting path that has led to a couple of recent sales. Thank you. Glad you like our country, and had such a great time.

Cindy said...

Gorgeous photos, gorgeous artwork!