Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Stencil Minis

Hey folks. Excited to share that StencilGirl Products has just released 3 "new" stencils in my collection. I put the word new in quotes because while the designs are familiar, the size is not.

These 4 x 4 inch minis are a combination of mask and stencil, providing a unique twist to your artwork.

They each include some grungy shapes elements and a designed edge, all of which can be used on their own.

And because the letter font is consistent across all the stencils, you can mix and match and make your own words as well.

These stencils - as well as the same designs in 6 x6 inch size - are available as a preorder now in my online shop (shipping within the next week) or at StencilGirl Products.