Saturday, September 10, 2016

My Limited Edition Paints and...

Thrilled to announce that I have partnered with PaperArtsy to create a limited edition set of paints. PaperArtsy is a UK-based company that is best known for their paint products and stamp line.

I have been using - and loving - their paint for years. It is called Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic and currently comes in a range of 96 colors. It has a seriously matte finish, dries extremely fast, and - perhaps best of all - will not destroy any pen/marker you choose to use to make marks on it. The paints in the line range in opacity and are labeled as opaque, semi-opaque, or translucent.

The set of paints have an autumn palette and consist of the following 4 colors:

Buff: An opaque, creamy off-white with a warm tint.
Midnight: An opaque, deep, dark blue
Terracotta: A translucent, warm orange shade.
Mahogany: A semi-opaque, rich shade of brown and red.

In the US, this limited edition paint set is now available for preorder from my online shop. It will be shipping in mid-September. Outside the US, the sets will soon be available from both numerous online stores and directly from the PaperArtsy website shop.


I have also released 2 stamp sets with PaperArtsy. Because you can never have enough stamps.

Designed by hand and made in the UK, these stamps are deeply etched, red rubber cling. Each set has been cut from a 5x7 inch sheet. The designs include drippy words, circles, background texture and other grungy elements. 

Both sets are available for pre-order in my online shop for US consumers, with shipping in mid September. Those outside the US can order them directly from PaperArtsy, with immediate shipping. 


Brenda Brown said...

Loved using your gorgeous colours on Sunday Seth and your products. Thank you for a fabulous workshop, your ideas, techniques and teaching is very inspiring ping xxx

john said...

Funny how I just ordered many of these chalk acrylics to try out....waiting for them to arrive and here you are advertising them. :-). Can't wait!

PaperArtsy said...

Loving your new products and we love working with YOU!! Awesome what you create with ALL your fabulous products lines. Thrilled to be another piece in the Seth creative puzzle!

Jackie PN said...

Well done Seth! congrats on the new endeavor with PA!! Love their paints!

Bill said...

Great name for a paint color - Buff. Is that how you paint? (Sorry. I'm so bad. Couldn't resist!)

elle said...

I luv these paints!!!

Annie said...

Seth, Congrats. These paints sound wonderful. Must sell art before I can buy some, but going on my list. xo

A Pink said...

Congrats! Seth . Loving all of these must haves ! :) x