Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Your Blog, Your Way: Part 11

Head on over to Create Mixed Media to read my 11th and last post in the series. What better way to finish than with a Celebration. 

Thank you to everybody who took the time to read through the posts. I hope that you found the information I shared helpful. And I hope that you are all well on your way to having Your Blog, Your Way.


*jean* said...

wonderful series, seth, congratulations on your book too!! thanks for all the thoughtful bloggy goodness you've shared, happy love to you

Artsnark said...

Just checked it out.too true - excellent advice, Seth

Jo Murray said...

Well done Seth... your commitment to informing us is awesome.

elle said...

I've been collecting all 10 ways and I believe they make a difference in the way I blog. Thanks Seth. You get 10 out of 10! ;^)

Jill Zaheer said...

Great celebratory article! I couldn’t help but think of the similarities of your 10 Cs for developing and maintaining a great blog with the 4 Cs identified with selecting a diamond. How funny is that- just couldn't resist! 1)Cut (showcasing brilliance) 2) clarity, 3)color and 4)carat (weight). Blogs come in all shapes, colors, designs, and quality. Some blogs appear to shine more than others- having that special pizzazz that keeps you wanting to come back. Diamonds and blogs’ history and meaning give them their unique identity, essence and presence. Size and price need not be the singular draw for what makes a great blog or diamond. As you point out, it’s the clarity- spirit in which it’s made, ie, the infamous 10cs which can take any blog (a diamond in the rough) sparkle and shine to be a real stand out winner- a spectular gift that keeps on giving!

Lynn Cohen said...

I loved all the C lessons! I hope I apply them all to my blog. I do certainly Celebrate having a blog and I am absolutely positive I would never have done most of the art I now do on a daily basis if it were not for my blog and the blogging community it has fostered in my life. Viva La Blogs!

PS even my verification word starts with a C today! ;-)

Happy Valentine's Day Seth.
You put a lot of Love into this community in so many ways.