Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mix and Match II

When I design new products, I am always thinking about how they can be used to create layers and  dimension - which to me are hallmarks of mixed media. I also try to develop my collections so that they work with each other. As new lines are released, I want you to be able to integrate them into the supplies you already own.

With that in mind, my new collection with PaperArtsy was designed and engineered to work seamlessly with some of my stencils previously released by StencilGirl Products. There two companies were on board and I cannot thank them enough for coming from a place where different companies can actually support each other rather than compete as adversaries. Good people!

These are my new stamps and Wood Chips from PaperArtsy. You can easily see how they work together...

Here are my Insider and Outsider stencil from StencilGirl.

Both collections. Same sizes. Same shapes: square, circle, star, tag and bar. The layers you can create by intermixing all of these products is exponential.

With that in mind, I asked several of my favorite artists to play with all of these products and make magic. Each created two projects and have shared their step-by-step process on their blogs. Today I am highlighting the incredible creations of Gwen Lafleur. Yesterday I shared the wonderful work of Martice Smith II. 

Gwen had attended my Library of Memories workshop at Art is You Stamford in 2015. There we made a hinged-panel container embellished with assemblage that served as storage for a handmade book. I was excited to see that she used my PaperArtsy and StencilGirl products to create a new Library of Memories here.

This is the outside of her closed container. Looking closely, you can see my Wood Chip circle, Outsider star stencil, and several star rubber stamps. And a whole lot of other amazingness.

Open the container and you will find more goodness, with an assemblage embedded within the left panel and a handmade book nested inside the right.

Here are the two pieces separated. You might also notice my Drip Drop die from Spellbinders layered on the book cover. Many of my Spellbinders die cuts are also sized to worked seamlessly with all the new products.

I love looking at this angle of Gwen's handmade book.

The inside pages of the book are filled edge to edge with stencil, stamp and Wood Chip layers.

I was also pleased to see that Gwen chose to use many words and design elements from my other stencils from StencilGirl as well.

You can head over to Gwen's post to see many more images. Head over to my online shop to purchase the stencilsstamps and Wood Chips that were used in these artworks. They are available now.


Gwen Lafleur said...

Thanks again for letting me work with your new products! They're all awesome... I'll be needing to buy more Wood Chips soon ;)

Squiddy said...

So much fabulousness in this creation!

Christina said...

Fantastic work!
So looking forward to Library of Memories